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Being a human means you’re plagued with one thing for eternity – a wandering mind. When said human is a car guy, the wandering mind is filled with thoughts about one thing and one thing only – the dream car.

And for good reason of course. The dream car brings a smile to your face. It helps you go through the worst of times. It also decorates the walls of both your heart and your bedroom. So in layman's terms, a dream car is all things inspiring. Because let’s just be honest. You don’t grow up with a poster of a Peugeot 206 now, do you? (Dear reader, just in-case you do; we highly advise you dump that poster into the nearest bin and email Jeremy Clarkson for help)

The R34 Skyline GTR is a dream car for many, but it is also one of the best cars to come out of Japan. The charm, the racing pedigree, the sheer glee it brings passerby’s is a testament to the character of the car. A car that we have fondly come to know as ‘Godzilla’ over the years.

The fact that it is simply hard to attain only increases the joy of owning one. And I have seen people go great lengths to do so. Ahmad Dinar here, is one of those people.

A workshop owner by day and Skyline lover by night, this is Ahmad’s seventh GTR. It all started with the acquisition of a 1998 GTS Skyline with the L24 carburetor power plant. Ahmad initially purchased the car to hone his mechanical skills. And as time went by, Ahmad was absolutely smitten with the Skyline name. A Kenmeri, a R32 and a R33 GTR followed the GTS into Ahmad's garage. And in the summer of 2010, Ahmad decided to bite the bullet and make the ultimate purchase - a BNR34 GTR.

After carefully scouting the online market and selling his R32 and R33 to make some space, Ahmad came across a pristine condition R34 in the land of the samurai and contacted the seller without a second thought. The car was in factory condition, still bearing the multi-spoke OEM Enkei wheels. A stock Skyline is not at all a bad thing to begin with but for Ahmad, it simply wasn’t going to cut it.

Some paperwork, a few phone calls and fourty five days later, Ahmads R34 was in Dubai. All that would remain now is collection, insurance and registration. A simple process, right? Not quite. As in this part of the world, owning a Nissan Skyline is anything but that.

The first step in getting the car legally on the road was the steering conversion from right to left. Considering the fact that it is somewhat impossible to register a RHD car here if it is not a ‘classic.' To complete the process, the steering column was modified and as a result, the dashboard was cut and re-trimmed to move the gauge cluster, steering-wheel and all related components to the left. (Which is why you see the screen, window switches and the console on the right)

On the outside to an untrained eye, the car looks just like any other Silver BNR34, but it is the simple yet effective touches that make this specimen one of a kind, and the focal point of this feature.

Following the conversion, Ahmad got on to the mission of building his Nismo Z-Tune GTR replica and the only way he could do this, was by sourcing all authentic parts from Japan. What is the Nismo Z-Tune GTR exactly? A 500 horsepower Skyline with a 8000 RPM redline, hand built by the engineers at Nissan Motorsports with completely redesigned suspension, drivetrain, engine and gearbox. Only 19 examples of the most expensive street-legal GT-R ever exist, two of which are prototypes. Essentially one of the most sought after vehicles ever built, I remember seeing one – Chassis No. 09 for sale in Hong Kong sometime in 2016. The price? A jaw-dropping half a million US dollars.

For Ahmad and for most of us a genuine Z-tune GTR is out of reach. Instead of sitting back and giving up on his dream car, Ahmad decided to build his own ‘Z-Tune’. Out went the stock wheels and in came a set of 18 inch Nismo LMGT4’s. A Skyline on a set of Volk TE37’s is mint but on a set of GT4’s, it is absolutely priceless. The marriage of aftermarket wheels to a car is incomplete without a drop and soon enough, the stock struts were replaced by Bilstein coilovers all around. On the outside, the car features a Nismo front fascia, vented carbon hood, fenders, spoiler and rear add-ons, all items from the Z-Tune catalogue.

But this GTR is more than just a pretty face and much like the original Nismo version packs a punch full of 500 horsepowers. In addition to stroking the RB26, Ahmads mod list includes CP pistons, Tomei camshaft and oil pump, AEM fuel pump, Apexi engine management system and an upgraded Greddy Intercooler. To keep the engine from getting too hot for comfort, a HKS oil cooler and a Koyorad radiator make way in the engine room. A Blitz Nur-Spec exhaust gives this R34 its growl and the crowd its entertainment. Ahmad is now working on the engine and aims to get just a little bit more power to the ground. Around 600 he says, which should keep him happy (for now at least).

Ferdinand Porsche once said, ‘I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.’ Ahmad’s R34 does not have the go-fast bits or the underpinnings that made the Nismo Z-Tune the legend it is, but it has an aura. An aura that suggests no matter how hard your dream is, if you want it, work you must. It is an aura that is worthy of admiration, an aura that appeals to the Ferdinand Porsche within us.