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2017 was a huge year for us, in only our second full year of operation our small team expanded which in turn meant we could bring you more content. 2017 was definitely the rise of car shows and while we couldn’t make it to every single event, here our highlights of the year.

Caffeine and Machine was right up there. Their rise in becoming by far the most interesting gathering of cars in Dubai, started at the very end of 2016. It then peaked just before the summer season, in April. This outdid our expectation and was the best show we have been involved with to date. The venue, Port Rashid, was the hidden gem of 2017 and as a venue it completely smashed it. Caffeine and Machine raised the bar in 2017 and is going to be hard to match.

The biggest surprise of the year was the Skyline Show in Ras Al Khaimah. We only found out about it very late, which turned out to be one of the largest gathering of Skylines in the world. What’s there not to like about 350+ Skylines spanning every generation since their birth in the late 60’s. A sentiment to this region’s passion for Nissan’s most iconic sports car. The only negative about the show was I left wanting either an R30 or R31. Can’t beat a bit of 80’s styling!

Kicking back at the world’s only 7 star hotel on a Friday morning is far from the usual CarCulture routine. And I didn’t quite know what to expect upon arrival at Dubai’s most iconic hotel. I was more than surprised though. With a few obligatory supercars on display with some very interesting and rare choices thrown in, I couldn’t think of a better way of spending the day. And, I was made to feel right at home at the Burj Al Arab.

For me it was a tale of two certain Porsches, both on opposite ends of the scale, but both works of art nevertheless. A 964 is on my list of cars to own, although I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to afford a Singer or an RWB. These two cars possibly had the biggest impact on me in 2017.

When it comes to scale there is nothing larger than the Custom Show Emirates. Always a firm date in our calendar, not just because of its size, but because of the quality of cars on display. People travel from across the Middle East to attend. A certain blue pick up from Qatar almost stole the show for us but it was narrowly beaten by a well known green Pandem 240z from Saudi.

This year’s show was made even more special by you guys. Last year we were the new kids on the block and our stand almost went unnoticed. But this time around we spent the entire Friday putting names to faces and we thoroughly enjoyed the support. 2017 was extra special as I decided to build a 280z for the show. And after a few very late nights at Kanzen I swore never to do it again. Still it didn’t stop me going out and buying a 240sx just a few days after the show. 2018 watch this space!

2017 hasn’t been the year for drifting within the Middle East. If it wasn’t for the newly founded Emirates Drift Championship our local drivers would have been well and truly lost. Round One (which took place just a few days back) saw some of the closest driving we have seen in the past two years. It looked as if all three Lunatics drivers had learnt a lot in Europe. Ahmed Al Ameri was also at his very best after being out of professional competition for almost a year. With two more rounds still remaining, and the OAA holding a championship, 2018 will have a lot to offer.

And whilst on the subject of drifting, it would be rude not to mention my trip to Ireland for IDC’s Global Warfare. These boys really know how to drift. Was one hell of an experience, one ill never forget. Dealt Width took me under their wing for the weekend. Then there was that one night in Dublin that ended with Rickshaw racing….

We featured a fair share of cars in 2017. So it would be rude not to mention a few. Sam’s AimGain 370Z came out of nowhere. The first AimGain 370Z in the Middle East and one of only a very few in the world. And what’s the thing that most impressed us? The width, this thing is seriously wide!

You could say 2017 has been the year of the truck at CarCulture. We stumbled across Tariq’s C10 on Instagram and since then it’s been a firm favourite. And let’s not forget the very special blue pick up from Qatar.

You could say 2017 has been the year of the truck at CarCulture. We stumbled across Tariq’s C10 on Instagram and since then it’s been a firm favourite. And let’s not forget the very special blue pick up from Qatar.

When it comes to Mohammed’s red C10, the pics do not do it justice. This thing is an absolute animal on the road. Full of presence, you will hear it before you see it. And it can hold its own against many supercars in a straight line. After undergoing some recent engine work we can’t wait for this to make a reappearance in 2018.

I’ll never forgot navigating this defender around the office parking. ‘Practical’ isn’t the word, but to be fair who would care when sat behind the wheel of this? We didn’t get many details on it except that it was full of parts from a company called Twisted in the UK and that it was sat on Ohlins suspension.

If you couldnt tell well love bagged cars, and bagging a 66 Coupe Deville is about as gansta as it gets. And what is more gansta than owning two bagged 66 Devilles? Tariq is the original gansta when it comes to Devilles and both of his always strike us at shows. We have seen them time and time again, but they will always stop us dead in our tracks.

Rob’s pick of 2017 cars were both Saif’s super clean NSX and Simon’s re-designed wide-bodied Mustang.
Why Saif’s NSX? Well it’s had a ton of money put into it to make it look like an original Type R NSX. With many rare Type R parts being shipped in from Japan, it’s a real understated build. Saif’s NSX is one of the cleanest within the UAE.

We didn’t think Simon could make the same impact with his second version of the Alpha X kit, but boy he did. Everything about it is lairy and it has lots of road presence. You will hear it before you see it as this thing is anything but quiet. Shortly after the shoot it was loaded onto a container and shipped back to Germany. Unfortunately, its not going to return, and will be a big loss to our very small scene.

So what does 2018 have in store for us at CarCulture? Well its hard to predict, but drifting looks like that it’s going to make a big come back. Undoubtedly Custom Show will be as big as ever, but is anyone going to be able to challenge them? Will the Skyline Show make a return? And what will Caffeine and Machine get up to? And what about the Silvia? All we can do is wait.