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Having featured such a vast number of cars since the start of this website its very rare that I end up leaving a shoot a little speechless. I guess you could say I’ve become a little numb towards cars, but this wasn’t the case with this Z4M. It’s hard for me to sum up in words the feeling, but this really isn’t the obvious build. I’ve never been a huge fan of BMWs and my day to day taste sits firmly on the stance fence. So to be fair this future German classic has definitely done a thing or two for me.

As I mentioned this Z4M, even though its incredibly clean, is not an out and out show car. It’s built for the track. To be fair though it would hold its own at any of the local shows. The only track based build that we have seen similar to this is Jon’s from MSW, E30 which is still one of the finest builds we have seen to date. Is it a coincidence that its also a BMW? I have to admit, I would have never thought the Z4M would make any such weapon, but as Sid (The Nocturnal Bandit) pointed out to us via out Facebook page, it does appear that they are quite the track car.

What’s even better is that this build had gone on completely under the radar. Iwan contacted us back at the start of the summer. When prompted he sent across some pictures but they still didn’t quite prepare us for the level of craft and detail that has been put into this Z4M. Most of which has been carried out by Iwan himself at home.

There aren’t that many Z4Ms sold locally – possibly because they were sold with manual transmissions (all the better for something track based). But, there definitely isn’t another in the country with a mod list like this.

One of my personal highlights is the very tasty carbon fibre CSL intake which takes pride of place under the bonnet. Once installed the 3.2 litre inline six engine was flashed with a tune from Alpha N tuning.

Iwan, a pilot by trade, had no issues with importing parts from around the world. The 19inch CSL wheels finished in Gun Metal were imported from Germany. The custom made Carma FF race exhaust was had made in Milan. And the KW Clubsport coilovers (one of Iwan’s favorite parts) which were tested by KW on the Nurbueg Ring along with the GTC 200 rear wing and APR front spoiler, were all flown in from the US.

Inside a set of super lightweight Tillett B6F seats have replaced the bulky original seats. Both these and the five point Sabelt harness are FIA approved. The harnesses are attached to a custom made roll bar by local company, Emco Performance.

After a few sessions on the track, Iwan gave into temptation and set about obtaining more power from the NA inline 6. His car was sent off to Shak at Octane garage and a set of 288/280 Schrick cams and diamond coated followers were dropped in. At the same time the bottom end was inspected and the stock rod bearings and bolts were replaced.

A set of Brembo GT big brakes give continuous stopping power whilst on the track, and also look super sexy sat behind the CSL wheels.

Being a pilot Iwan doesn’t get that much track time, possibly why we have haven’t bumped into this car before. We did agree to pop down to the track next time he is out and about. Which also provides the perfect opportunity to keep up to date on his future plans – some of which include a full custom-made carbon fibre roof! Once again not too dissimilar to Jon’s E30. Regardless we hope he keeps in contact with us.