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Dave’s 370z isn't new to us or the internet, if you have been following the site since its launch you will remember seeing this back in the very first event we featured. Since then it has been through a suspension change and three sets of wheels. And, on the day of writing this, Dave had shared yet another set of wheels with us via WhatApp, staking his claim for a true wheel whore?

Being a member of Stance Kitchen (the only active stance group in the UAE), Dave has always been into low and wide. Causing upset amongst the purist of all petrolheads when he had an 11 month love affair with his dream car, an EVO 8 which he duly slammed and cambered; it eventually fell short of his inner needs (more dish). Seeking something that could tuck wider and bigger wheels, his options were quite limited within the local market but, after a bit of research there was really only one option, a 370Z. After all, the stock arches can make a 10inch wide wheel with an aggressive offset look fairly ordinary.

The first mod on any self proclaimed stance lover is of course some form of lowering. So naturally Dave’s first mod was the suspension. Dave originally opted for KW v3 coilers but these were replaced after only 5 months after trying all sorts of tweaks and adjustments to the fitment which couldn't satisfy his needs. With this in mind, there was only one way to go. Air.
A quick conversation with the founder of Stance Kitchen, Ivan Yoro, led to Dave walking away with a great deal on an AirForce Luxury set up. Going back to the feature we did on Stance Kitchen inside AutoHaus you will remember that it was sat on a set of delicious bronze Work Swertz SC2. Once again these didn't last long with Dave again feeling unsatisfied, this time his bug bear being the lack of dish and width.
Fast forward to his current set up SSR ABC Balken’s with the specs of 18x13 +2 on the rear and 18x12 +2 on the front, surely this will be enough to satisfy his needs? Well, we are not quite sure! When asked about future plans, wide body was mentioned with Dave looking into the AimGain kit or the locally available Moonbeem kit from Carbon Signal. If this is the route then we will see yet another set of wider wheels. Something that could come sooner than wide body would be a change of the rear camber arms (from SPC to SPL) so that he can dial in some more negative camber and help tuck the rears a little more.
The exterior features an Aero jacket front lip and spoiler, custom rear lip and universal side skirts which strangely look made to order look when this Z is aired out. The interior features a set of bride seats and if you look in the engine bay you will see an array of carbon fibre dress up parts.

Massive shout out to Paul for the pics on this one, and also Dave for letting us shoot his 370Z once again. We will continue to follow Dave and his Z as it continues to go through the changes we are sure to come before the end of the season.

Photos by Paul Aggarao and words by Daniel Price.