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I can’t remember a podium at a local drift event not featuring some sort of Silvia. The lightweight RWD sports car made by Nissan started production in the late 80s with the s13/180sx and was produced all the way through to the early 2000s where it stopped with the S15. It’s not only popular with the drifters in our region but you will find them on the grid worldwide. Their popularity on the streets is also huge, but for some reason they are lacking on the roads of the UAE. But for what reason?

Abdi owns this 1996 all black S14 which is one of the very few road registered Silvias in the region.

So why are Silvia's so popular within the drift community? Well at one point they were relatively cheap and in disposable. Being RWD and lightweight they go hand in hand with a bit of sideways action. As they have been around for a while companies have had years developing parts for them, many of which are similar or interchangeable with their bigger and heavier brother, the Skyline.

Their bays are big enough to fit a variety of engines which include Nissan's six cylinder RB series engines, Toyota's 2JZ or Chevvy’s V8 LS series all of which are popular with drifters from all around the world.

Why is there a lack of Silvia's on the road in the UAE? Well that we cannot answer. All we know is that almost all of them are US imports, just like Abdi’s. And when it arrived from the States it came with a stock KA24, a strong but gutless NA putting out barely enough HP to get you sideways.
It didn’t take long for Abdi to ditch the KA24 and set about replacing it with a turbo-charged SR20. One look at the M-Sport front bumper and you can’t miss the huge Greddy intercooler that it’s trying to conceal. The SR20 was found in the original Japanese S-Chassis which were only available in Japan. As they are turbo-charged with a few simple mods 300HP is obtainable easily. Making a very popular and cost effective swap.
Abdi’s swap was done with the help of Omer, a fellow SR converted S14 owner. Not content with just a Japanese power plant he has also swapped out the front end to a Kouki one (that’s the posh name for a Japanese front end). This swap will please even the most hardcore of JDM followers - one which I must also agree with as its small front lights look way cleaner than the larger American spec ones.

The SR is powered by a Garret GT28 ball bearing turbo which is similar in size to the very popular T28 which is found on the stock SR20 in the S15. The GT28 however spools up a little faster due to its ball bearing design giving it a much better response low down the range. A Nismo 2-way differential helps this S14 get sideways, possibly one of the most important upgrades when purchasing a Silvia.

The exterior features a full M-Sport body kit, Navan spoiler and a set of Rays TE37. With everything finished in black giving this Silvia a true murdered look.

So why do we see so little of these on the roads? Who knows, but there is less of them registered on the road than R34s. Despite this the Silvia community is strong. Something that I have been introduced into after Naz hooked me up with a contact for a S13 during this shoot. So you can guarantee there will be a lot more Silvia content coming this way.