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Shortly after I dropped off my BRZ at Ramy Automotive, I was asking myself what am I actually doing? I’ve been one of the biggest preachers of how much fun this car is in stock form. So why the sudden change in direction? Well my BRZ is far from stock, and in truth with the wider wheels, upgraded suspension and stickier tires it is crying out for some more power. And, after my last venture on the track it clearly showed how capable this car can be, especially when up against cars which are more than double its value.

So when Ramy offered me a deal on a Sprintex supercharger it wasn't long before the BRZ was left in their workshop manager Dean's trusty hands.

So why supercharger and not turbo? Well there were two reasons. One being the power band, a supercharger offers linear power across the entire rev range, which goes hand in hand with the 86/BRZ’s nature. Also the thought of coming round the last turn at the Autodrome and having a huge amount of boost biting me in the ass wouldn't make for great lap times especially in a notorious tail happy car.

And reason number two. Being a boy racer at heart I've always wanted some of that supercharger whine. And with the Sprintex kit being a twin screw system I was hoping for plenty of this.

Ramy Automotive has to be the leading company in the UAE for superchargers. They have installed the Sprintex supercharger kit in more than 70 Jeep Wranglers so they were the obvious choice. And, if you remember back to Fahad's Jeep, this is where we were first introduced to Ramy’s work with the Sprintex supercharger.

Who’d have thought so much joy could come in such a small box?

The installation process was straightforward, and the work was wrapped up in around 2 days. The only issues being my aftermarket Greddy intake. For this Dean had to make a custom MAF housing as this kit is designed to work with the stock air box which I had ditched some time ago.

The Sprintex supercharger is a twin screw compressor design which sits on its own intake manifold that replaces the stock one. Its hard to miss this under the bonnet, but it does make for some nice eye candy.

The twin screw system is based around a set of rotors which compress the incoming air and is driven by a belt which is powered by the engine. Whist this does add to the engine’s load, it gives extremely good low RPM boost, unlike turbos.. The kit that was fitted to my BRZ was the 210 which includes a charge cooler. This is a liquid based cooling system which is designed to help keep intake temps down, something any FI system will struggle with in this region. It’s a complete bolt-on solution which requires no modification, making it a completely reversible solution. Something which could come in handy when it comes to that dreaded time of year...RTA renewal.

The Sprintex supercharger kit comes with a tune which you can upload via a supplied handset, but as I already have a ECUTEK license I thought it would be better to keep this and go for a custom tune. It also meant I still had acess to the ECUTEK race rom features of flat foot shifting, launch control and auto blip. For the tune there was really only one option, Tensai. Both Fadi and Basil have been our biggest supporters and Basil’s passion and knowledge on Subarus meant that the trip Abu Dhabi was always going to be worth it.

So, how does she perform? Well on Tensai’s stingy Mustang Dyno, she put down 237whp which roughly equates to Sprintex’s advertised figures of 270hp at the crank. But lets not get caught up with figures, how does she drive? Well It’s an absolute blast! With an increase of 80whp (considering a stock BRZ puts down 157whp on the same dyno) the car has more than woken up.

The annoying torque dip has completely disappeared and there is no longer the need to drop a gear when making an overtaking manoeuvre on the motorway. The back end now has the tendency to wander even when the car isn't pushed to its limits, which can more than keep you on your toes. And the best part, that whine! This completely eliminates the need for a stereo any more.

The power is available throughout the whole rev range with zero lag and having never driven a supercharged car before I was more than impressed. And, for this reason, I now firmly believe this will be very predictable on the track especially when compared to a laggy turbo.

If you haven't seen the video that we published directly after the install, the 0-100 time has been cut by almost two seconds. But what will that equate too on the track? Hopefully we will find out this coming Saturday.

So, is this how the car should have come from factory? Undoubtedly yes. The extra power would challenge many of the higher priced sports cars that are on the market. In terms of performance it would rival most others, while retaining the handling characteristics which have made this chassis so popular. But, if Subaru or Toyota do ever release a FI version of this car they are going to need to do something about the skinny rear wheels and the budget tires that come with the stock car. If not it will have to be sold with a disclaimer as it’s would be a death trap.

So, is the Sprintex kit worth? 100% yes - it will leave you smiling on every journey. It brings this seriously addictive car to similar performance levels seen in such cars as the STI or Golf R, whilst keeping its charming fun factor. This kit also keeps a very factory feel to the power delivery, which my current set up it can more than handle the extra power. If you're an BRZ/86 owner do it! You won't regret it.

Stay tuned for some real world testing on the track.