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Khalid has always had a healthy collection of JDM cars and is one of the big JDM players within the UAE. He is a regular at the Custom Show Emirates and someone who I have been following on Instagram long before CarCulture.ae even existed. In the past his collection has included a variety of Hondas and Nissans. His stanced Honda Civic EG caused a massive stir two years ago at the Custom Show Emirates. And for us it was this very show that we had been exposed to complete builds. With Khalid’s EG being one of our stand out cars of the show.

Khalids’s collection has now slimmed down somewhat with his R34 and this 1978 C210 Skyline taking pride of place.

Shipped in from Japan with the help of the infamous instagram user skyline_gt, this C210 is far from a complete ground up build. But this doesn’t take away from its charm. Yes it has its imperfections in the paint but with each one of these comes a story from its past. Being just one year short of its 50th birthday it’s a miracle that its survived this long without being sat in a garage for most of its life.

Khalid is not scared of stretching its legs, if his updates on Instagram are anything to go by. Even the hot summer climate does not deter him. And you guessed it, AC wasn’t so common back in the 70’s, so Khlaid has to make use of the natural airflow by keeping the windows down.

The C210 on a whole is much rarer in this region than your everyday R34. Hence our interest in this example. Even at the biggest Skyline show of the season in RAK the C210s were limited in numbers. Making owning one in this region that little bit more special.

So what’s my favorite part about this under appreciated Skyline? Well that has to be its stock interior. Production of the C210 started in the late 70’s therefore right before the stylish 80’s era, so its interior takes the best parts from both decades. I love the fact that inside its all original (well apart from some kamikaze style headrests). I’m glad the stock stereo has been left unmolested as it’s a work of art. The clocks too follow the same suit, why can’t modern cars look this good on the inside?

On the outside things are kept simple, a healthy drop courtesy of a set of Tein coilovers and a set of Watanbe inspired wheels give this C210 a near perfect retro stance. Not too much poke, a touch of stretched rubber with a healthy amount of dish, none of which drastically effects this classic’s drive ability.

These simple mods are as far as it goes for Khalid. The 6 cylinder engine still remains stock, something which in the future could change. Nissan’s RB series fits nicely into the relatively large bay, but if it was me I’d rather stay with NA power. Nissan’s bullet proof VQ power lump that is found in the 350 and 370Z would also work very well. But this would be a little more challenging, albeit it different as its not a common swap.

Aftermarket AC should be high on Khalid’s list, although going by his Instagram account it seems as if nothing stops him from driving this piece of Japanese history. He can be seen driving all over Abu Dhabi and who can blame him. Again, it adds to the charm of this fifth generation Skyline, it’s a car that gets used and one which Khalid is not sacred of using. I’m all for seeing a classic getting used rather than keeping it tucked up as part of a collection.

This won’t be the last time we bump into Khalid, although who knows what he could have planned for next year’s Custom Show Emirates. All we know is that his C210 will continue to get used and there will be no plans to build this into a full on show car.