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Can a set of wheels make a car? It’s a question that has been thrown around many times in the past. And for me, wheels are defiantly a deal breaker. But it’s not just a case of throwing on a set of expensive rims. There is far more behind it than this. This is something that Naif (the self-confessed Kendrick Lamar fan boy) is no stranger too. To get his S3 to where it is now has taken a lot of adjustments, trials and errors. Achieving the near perfect stance, without the use of air bags, is no easy task. And his simplistic look is rare for our region.

So how did Naif pull it off? Well, he has been through a few sets of wheels testing offsets, finally settling (for now) on a set of 20×9 Audi RS4 wheels. Offsets play a huge part when making a set of wheels like this fit. The OEM RS4 which are tucked under widen fenders, are +26 so when put on a S3 with stock arches boy, do they look aggressive. But, being OEM this S3 still looks like its fresh off Audi’s production line.

The OEM look in Europe is huge. Some say it’s a cheap look. But tracking down an original set of 20inch RS4 wheels is far from cheap.

Running such an aggressive set up like this is not easy. There are three major factors that come into play – tire size, camber and fender work. All of which work together to allow this German sports saloon to perform on the road as it should do.

Bilstien B14 coilovers supply the desired drop and many harden track drivers would liken the tires to rubber bands. But when trying to tuck 20inch rims under stock arches needs are a must. And, to be fair, it’s a look I’d happily rock. Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 235/30/20 all around is just the right amount of rubber, well for me anyway, and they ain’t cheap in this set up. But then again Pilot Super Sports are some of the best road going tires out there.


Ground control camber plates help dial in just enough camber in both the front and back which help with the clearance of the rolled fenders. Ones which have been rolled with my very own personal fender roller! Still I can’t take credit for any of the work.

This S3 is all about simplicity, something very rare in our scene when it comes to modified cars. Only someone with a keen eye would spot the Fareast front lip and matching trunk spoiler. A very subtle look which ties in with the OEM wheels.

But this S3 isn’t all about looks, remember these cars can be quite a weapon when tuned. A removable JB4 box can be found in the engine bay, which helps bump up the power figures. A VWR R600 intake and Wagner intercooler are waiting to be installed which will allow Naif to crank up the boost a little more which should see figures close to 400HP.

But for me, with or without the added power this S3 is always going to stand out. Yes, it may not be as in your face as some full scale Japanese builds. But, to pull off an OEM as successful as this, takes patience and a lot of trial and error. We need to see more VW/Audi owners get away from the down pipe tune and poorly fitted wheels. Anyone else up for some more well thought out European content? Someone help us out!