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After a fairly long night, the three of us were trying to find the perfect location to shoot Shamsi’s wide-bodied mk4 Toyota Supra. We had asked to shoot this Supra after having first seen it at the MOTO Jam event. This was Shamsi’s first show since his build and the car got a lot of attention, so much so that it picked up a trophy.
After a few hours of driving around, we decided to use Meydan for the shoot with the hope of getting Dubai’s beautiful skyline in some of the shots. It wasn't hard to spot the Supra coming over the rise. Love it or hate it, the cammo wrap definitely doesn't disguise its road presence.
The first thing I noticed when he pulled up was the noise from the performance clutch. The modified 2JZ engine is putting out an estimated 700hp, hence the need for a very strong clutch. It looked like an absolute pain to drive slowly (which also became apparent every time Rob wanted it moved to get the perfect shot...).
All the work had been carried out at Sharjah based workshop High Performance Auto. The attention to detail in the engine bay is extremely high, something not usually seen in the UAE. According to Shamsi he is running what he considered to be a "small" turbo, to keep the car drivable. I guess we are far apart when it comes to turbo size - then again in the UAE we are used to silly sized turbos on many of the Nissan Patrols that are used in the dune climbing scene.
This is possibly one of the only mk4 Supra’s in the UAE to be running a Top Secret GT300 Body Kit. It was imported from Japan and definitely gives the Supra a much meaner look over the stock kit.
The Toyota Supra has possibly one of the most iconic rear ends in the automotive industry, throw a huge wing in the mix and you get pure JDM joy!
One of the most difficult parts of the shoot was getting the rolling shots. The speed bumps at Meydan were fine for the GTI running stock suspension, but for a lowered Supra with the Top Secret GT300 front bumper, it was a bit of a nightmare. This Supra really struggled and clipped its front bumper on every speed bump. Although we think it was worth it in the end as the shots look great.
Future plans for this Supra are a new set of custom-made wide wheels. Shamsi told us he will be ordering these in the near future, hopefully we will get the opportunity to catch a few more shots once he gets them on. Please see the gallery below for all of the photos. You can follow Shamsi’s updates on his build on his Instagram page @drager_91
Photo's by Robert Lintescu words by Daniel Price