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It’s almost a year ago since the launch of the very first Alpha X S550 widebody kit. I can still clearly recall first seeing it at City Walk. Even when not aired out, it commanded such a presence. During the shoot, we stirred up quite a bit of commotion and turned more than a few heads. At the time, this was the first Mustang to feature the Alpha X kit which is designed and developed by Simon Motorsports. The kit has been readily available for around 8 months now and builds have been popping up all around the world.

So why are we revisiting this beast again? Well, Simon Motorsports has been working on V2, and with it being just finished recently, we had to go and check it out.

At a glance, you could say it’s still the same car, but look closely and you will see that there are few subtle differences. The front end now appears less aggressive as it only features 2 instead of 4, canards. Giving it a more subtle look whilst still retaining that mean front end. The hood scope has been made wider and again, less aggressive giving the front end a deceptively wider look.

The red and black stipes down the middle of the car have now disappeared which adds to this smoother, stealthier second edition of this kit. When it comes to width, the fenders look just as wide. But rears now have some added venting and they still house the same awesome 20inch AMP-5V 3 piece forged wheels which have enough dish on the rear to keep even Naki San happy. The rear fenders now surround the gas cap whereas the older style used to cover just a small part of filler cap.

The side skirts now tuck right into the body at the rear, compared to the previous version which kicked out towards the rear of the car. The rear spoiler has been completely re-worked and its now much shorter in length. After looking back at the previous photos from our first article, the front end seems to sit just that little bit lower as well. Maybe the stance game has really rubbed off on Simon since his relocation to Germany. We have seen some of the cars that have been rolling out of his branch in Germany and they have been leaning towards the stance game. I’ve been a huge fan of stance since my VW days, and Simon’s Mustang still ranks highly in my regards for a car that was built within the UAE.

Unfortunately, there is a sad end to this tale as we are unlikely to ever see this car again in the UAE as it’s currently sat in a container bound for Germany. So it’s highly unlikely that we will see any further development first hand. This will be a big loss for our upcoming show season.

Simon reassured us that there are many things that need to be changed. First up is to swap out the current air ride set up to something a little better. When he first built the car, there were very few options on the shelf. But, as time has passed, many of the top manufactures are now producing kits.

If Simon had approached me 6 months ago telling me he was aiming at redeveloping this kit to make it less aggressive my first question would have been why. Is he crazy?! Surely it would lose some of its road presence. The outcome is however, quite the opposite, as this thing still looks scary as hell as it creeps up behind you on the road.

It’s also refreshing to see Simon’s interest with redefining this kit, with further development who knows where this could go. And I’m pretty sure we will see a lot more of these kits popping up all around the world.