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In a car scene where everyone is trying to be different, you and I as enthusiasts come across the same tried and applied formula on possibly every other car on the web – bolt on over-fenders, a flashy wrap and an air-suspension setup.

A prime example of this trend is the Toyobaru scene, where it seems that the only way to modify the FA20 platform is to chop up the bodywork and in many cases (locally of course) add fake over-fenders and ill-fitting wheels. Resulting in an arch gap that puts lifted Jeeps to shame. If you have not come across these blasphemies yet fear not dear reader. There is an Instagram page dedicated to these sports cars. Vehicles that are ‘JDM as ****’ in the opinion of their owners.

It has now come to the point where even if Iever bought an 86/BRZ, I would decisively avoid cutting its arches, unless I wanted to stand out and do something that not a soul in the country has done before me.

The last time an ‘over-fender craze’ related thought crossed my mind, I was staring at the only 370Z Moonbeam roadster in the world. It left me thinking that there is no way this wide-bodied Z is meeting its match. A contender for its place at the top. But little did I know. It was only a matter of time till Naseeb and a certain Mazen from FOS decided to make a mince of my thoughts.

Naseeb’s ‘Aimgain’ 370Z is the only one in the Middle East, and only a handful of Z’s sporting this kit exist on face of the planet. The kit is a complete setup which includes front and rear fascia’s, side-skirts and a set of over-fenders for each corner. I’m not quite sure of the reason behind the kits rarity, but the price (which exceeds USD 5000) might have something to do with it. One must pay to play, and in a country where imitations and replicas fill the street, seeing a build started the right way is a welcome sight.

Just like the writer of this feature, Naseeb here is a Z-Car enthusiast through and through. Sam as he is known to his friends, had his first run-in with the platform in 2009, when he bought his first Z. A 2005 DE model. An unfortunate crash in Oman however meant that he would end up getting another Z33 in 2011. But alas, all good things come to an end, and after three years of driving the DE, Naseeb decided to upgrade to the newer 370Z and its significantly better VHR engine.

A fan of all things JDM with an unnerving drive to be unique in everything he does, the next step for Naseeb was simple – to start his project with a bang. The aim was quite clear. To show the rest of the world that car guys in the Emirates can do just about everything our fellows across the globe have done. In simple terms, break the internet and make some noise in the process.

The wheels of choice, Work Meister S1s do just that. Measuring 19×12 and 19×14 inches in diameter with custom offsets front and rear respectively. With massive wheels there always comes the responsibility of letting the car sit right. A responsibility well taken care of by Airlift’s Performance series suspension system for the Z34. The air management system is also a part sourced from the Airlift catalogue.

The debate of paint vs wrap is an endless one with pros and cons of each. Naseeb decided to go with the latter, opting for a two-tone combination that intersects at the rear-quarters. Complimenting the wheel faces finished in white. The devil wears Prada, doesn’t it?

Every journey begins with a single step, and Naseeb with help from the guys at FOS has taken one in the right direction. This is just the start of it he claims, with further modifications planned for the interior and the VQ37 heart of the 370Z. This is of course the first we have seen of him, but it is definitely not going to be the last.

In a sea full of ill-fitting replica kits, poor suspension and the worst wheels that money can buy, this Z34 stands out. It stands out as a reminder to so-called ‘enthusiasts’ that building a car requires a vision, a vision that one must be willing to see through to the end. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall in. Whether you drive your car like there is no tomorrow, or park it like a garage queen.