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Back when CarCulture started, bagged cars were few and far between in the UAE. But, in the last two years things have got out of control when it comes to air suspension. Naturally, with this, we have seen the rise of the aftermarket widebody. And no one can argue that a widebody is at its best when its slammed on its frame rails.

When it comes to Challengers I’d say the wider the better. Dodge think the same, as both their top of the line performance Hell Cat variant features wide fenders. The Hell Cat’s fenders are subtle, well compared to Hadi’s Challenger they are!

If you don’t know who Hadi Ghandour is, then you probably don’t use Instagram. A daily user and abuser of Instagram stories, he’s pretty amusing and can be found at just about every car event in the UAE. We somehow missed the build of his Challenger which FOS Automotive were responsible for, but we have been following since we first saw it at the Emirates Motorshow back in September.

Hadi’s Challenger started out as a stock SRT, and it has come a long way since. Not content with the width of the stock body, Hadi decided to go all out and order a Liberty Walk kit. And, as expected, Liberty Walk more than delivers when it comes down to width.

Hadi themed his Challenger around a ‘Magnum’ (classic pistol) and it doesn’t half sound like a gun going off when under load. A full Borla Attack exhaust set up including headers, makes all eight cylinders scream in ear piercing sympathy.

The 6.4 litre power plant is currently putting out around 720HP, but it doesn’t manage this with just the exhaust mods. Under the hood there is a huge Whipple 2.9 supercharger painted in unmissable exotic orange with matching Whipple intake. It makes this power on stock internals, but once the engine is built it should be able to put down around 1000HP.

It must be something about its body lines that makes these Challengers look so bad ass when slammed. To get Hadi’s sitting this good he is running Airlift struts paired with Accuair management. A set of Vossen/Work VWS3 wheels give its the near perfect stance. Exterior is finished in a brushed titanium wrap (going back to the ‘Magnum’ gun theme).

With FOS being one of the biggest player in the air suspension and widebody game we will no doubt see many more in the future. But Hadi’s Challenger will always stand out due to the finer custom details that are hidden throughout the car. It’s the small bits, like the exotic orange highlights on both the VWS3 wheels and brake calipers that match the colour of the blower, which really sets this apart from the rest. Proving that this is far more than just another slammed wide-bodied build (which now two years on, sounds like a very funny thing to say!).