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Jeremy Clarkson, is famous for a lot of things. Yes, we are talking about Jezza, the tall guy from Top Gear. He is recognized of course for his controversies, his beautiful paunch and punching his way out of the show. What he is also remembered for however, is coming up with some of the most relatable quotes for car guys such as you and me. (Dear reader, we are not talking about the part where he says MORE POWAAA!!)

The quote we are talking about, is the one where he mentions how we enthusiasts see cars as beings with souls, something a lot more than just machines on four wheels. And the more you think about it, the more you believe that perhaps for once, Mr. Clarkson has made immense sense.

This quote by Jezza is what defines the relationship between Raad and his Evo 6 perfectly. The black beauty you see here is a 1999 RS2 specimen, built at Ralliart Deustchland. The car was purchased new back in 1999 and then shipped to Jordan. No matter how a good a machine is, a car guy must tinker. And so, a Motec ECU, Proflix suspension, exhaust system and a Ralliart twin plate clutch were installed.

The Haddad family shares a good bond with the Evo, with Raads elder brother having steered it to glory in the 2001 National Rumman Hill Climb, 2001 Jordan Speed test and Jordan Hill climb championship. Twenty four months later though, the Evo was sold to a friend of Raad’s.

Raad thought he had seen the last of it. But little did he know, that 15 years later, the very same car would be bought back by him. The car is in almost mint condition but in the chase for perfection, every single new OEM part that Raad can source from Japan is being ordered. It does not matter if it needs replacing or not. If it is new, it is going in.

In its current form, the car is making a fairly decent 310 wheel horsepower. Under the hood are HKS goodies, and the entire lot of them – 272 cams, induction kit, downpipe, exhaust system and high compression forged pistons. A Link ECU with twin maps takes care of engine management responsibilities. Ralliart upper and lower stress bars, Cusco front member power brace and parts from the White-line catalogue hold their place in the handling department. With Raad being a Pirelli man, there is no doubt that the rubbers of choice on this car are Pirelli P-Zero’s. The wheels are a set from Advan Racing.

For Raad, the Evo is always going to be just more than a car. It was the machine he fell in love with the minute he turned the ignition. Even after owning multiple newer gen Evo’s afterwards (The list includes an Evo 8 MR, 2 Evo 9 MR’s, an Evo 6 GSR, an Evo 10 MR SST and an Evo 6 TME) his heart kept coming back to this one. You can say its like a love story. The tale of a bond between a man and machine. A tale that enthusiasts like you and I, will always relate to.