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The 2017 JDM UAE show returned to the Dubai Cricket Stadium, and with a huge pre-registration list of 700+ car we knew it was going to be a very busy show. The total number of cars that turned up on the day is still unknown, but compared to the last time the show was held here back in 2015, it definitely felt that there was double the amount of cars. I’d like to make an educated guess that there were around 900-1000 cars in total making it not only the biggest gathering of JDM cars but possibly the largest car meet in the UAE.

The only thing I can remember coming close to that size, was back when Motoring Middle East held their own branded meets. Still their events were awash with American muscle cars, so the guys behind JDM UAE - Saiyed, Hamood and Umar deserve a fair amount of credit. Pulling in a crowd of this size is no easy feat.

With it being just one week after the Custom Show Emirates we were also surprised to see so many different cars. But, there was a large cross over of cars between both shows, not surprising considering the number of JDM that were at the Custom Show.
The R34’s were out in force yet again, so we couldn't but help to give them a little more exposure.
We love a NSX, rumor has it there is another one on its way over to the UAE. More on that soon. Still we had never seen this silver one previously. Who knows where this one has been hiding.
There were more than a few tasty engine bays, not many were cleaner than this 2JZ.
This Civic EG isn't new to us, we saw it at the Custom Show Emirates but it didn't quite make it into our show coverage. Its more than worth a mention this time around. Who can resist a EG with a huge turbo, screamer pipe and an exhaust which comes out of the side bumper? This was beyond mental.
As expected there were many Civics out in force, this line of EG's went right around the side of the cricket stadium.
The classics made it out in good numbers, the amount of 300ZXs in this region seem to be increasing. We had a massive soft spot for this one. A reminder of when cars rolled off the production line full of character. Something which modern day cars are lacking in.
It would be rude not to mention the Mazda Miatas or depending where in the world you’re from, MX5. Harshly referred to the hairdressers' car of choice, they can look bang on when slammed on a decent set of wheels. Plus they are rear wheel drive and often compared to GT86’s when it comes to handling characteristics. Since my time in the UAE I’ve seen a few, but I’ve never seen this amount sharing the same space.
A special shout out needs to go to Stance Kitchen's Ryan with his new looking Honda Accord (yes, we have shown a lot of this in the past) but its now looking fresh as he is running a tasty new paint scheme and yes, you guessed it, wider Watercooled Inc wheels. So why does he need a special shout out? Well he made it so close to making Custom Show Emirates, in fact he made it within five meters of the entrance. After which his drive shaft popped out. Putting in all that hard work for a new look and then missing out by five meters! Still we are glad to see this Accord is back on the road.
This was the first time we had got to see fellow Stance Kitchen members Ivan’s and Konan’s new rear wing set ups. To be honest they were hard to miss! Being a hot topic on social media over the past few weeks, most of our team are in full approval! And I personally think they nailed it.
With the event being sponsored by Elite Autosports its was predictable that they would bring a large amount of their cars. This time around we managed to get a half decent shot of their bagged S14. This should have made it into our Custom Show Emirates coverage but somehow, we failed to get a decent shot of it. When I first heard about its paint scheme I wasn't convinced, however, when first seeing it I was blown away. A ballsy motorsport inspired paint scheme, which looks damn good when aired out. It sits perfectly on a set of gold Work Meisters and under the hood there is a single turbo RB26 hiding. We need to feature this in the future.
On their stand, there were a few familiar faces. We know Paul is planning a new look for his 86 for next season. We have been trying to find out exactly what route he is going but as of yet, it doesn't seem that he even knows what he wants to do. And in other news, Firas who was so set in selling his Aimgain 86 at Custom Show has now taken a u-turn. More details soon but we won't spoil the surprise.

Our 280Z was hanging around with the boys from Carbon Signal. With this being the largest public showing of the Moonbeam cars till date, our 280Z was sat pride in place next too Aamir’s Gnose Moonbeam 240Z. Earlier on the original white Moonbeam 370Z was present, and the very first convertible Moonbeam made its way over from Oman. Its long journey was rewarded with first place in show and shine.

Aamir's very familiar Hakosuka also made it to the show, and does this 370Z look familiar? We featured it last year, but since then the front end has been transformed. Yes, its Geoff’s Moonbeam 370Z, which is now running a Nismo front end. It took us a while to work this out, a fresh look for the end of the 2016-17 season.
We couldn't sign off without mentioning this little 240Z. Our dear friend Abdulla Jaafari had borrowed it from the guys behind Flat 12. She was stunning.
The 2017 JDM UAE show almost marks the end of what has been another busy season. Who knows where the next show will be, or what the numbers will be like but we are sure that the JDM UAE boys will need a bigger venue.