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My short trip to England included a few days in the local town where I grew up. With a population that is made up of mainly farmers and old people there isn’t much to do, so after a quick poke around on Instagram I came across a trio of Japanese cars located just a short trip away from the sleepy town of Downham Market.

Possibly my favorite of the three is Alex’s JZX 100 Chaser. A car I’m still yet to see in the UAE, so a rarity for us UAE folk. To me the JZX 100 just sum ups the Japanese, bonkers. In the mid 90’s the JZX 100 was your everyday family car. And if you were trying to hail a cab back in Tokyo you would have probably ended up in one of these.

See the Japanese like to do things properly and this RWD four door family car came stock with a 1JZ. Commonly found in the 3rd generation Supras, the 1JZ gave birth to the notorious 2JZ which later replaced it’s older counterpart.

This JZX100 isn’t your everyday Toyota though and things may have been changed since it first rolled off the factory production line. The stock turbo has been replaced with a later JZX110 turbo which sits on a custom-made intake manifold. Combined with a Greddy front mounted intercooler and SARD 265 fuel pump the stock 1JZ now puts down HP to the rear wheels via a 2way LSD. Some family car hey?

I don’t plan on having any kids, but if I did I’d find every excuse possible to own a JZX100 like this. The outside has been painted in BMW Sepang Bronze. A colour that is commonly found on your mundane every day M5.

When it comes to the body kit there was only going to be one choice, a BN Sports Kit. This kit is coupled with custom made front wings which feature some very interesting details. Custom made front and rear bash bars sit below the kit and when coupled with the roll cage that is found inside, this JSX 100 is competition drift ready.

Sat on a set of 326 power coilovers and TE37 9.5 and 10.5 wheels, Alex has nailed the ride height, even though it’s a little impractical as I soon found out during the shoot. It struggled with the smallest of bumps. Still who needs a practical family car? The rough Norfolk country roads must make it a chore at times, but it’s a small price to pay.

Next up is a pair of R34 GTs. I’ve become partially numb to R34s since living in the UAE. Scratch the surface and I’m sure we have one of the highest percentages of Skylines to population around the world. Yes, it’s a bold statement and I’m not sure how to quantify this, but after recent shows such as the Custom Show Emirates or the Skyline show that was held in RAK, I’m pretty sure the UAE is right up there when it comes to the number of Skylines per capita.

However, the two Skylines here were refreshing to someone like myself. Both are GTs (the RWD variant) that feature the single turbo RB2DET5. 9/10 R34s in the UAE are GTRs the more powerful AWD variant that features the RB26. And the other major difference is that both have not been butchered to LHD. Meaning that the hand break is the correct way around!

Up first is Matt’s GTT which is finished in the unmissable factory lightening yellow. This build has a healthy balance of good looks and power. At 1 bar of boost this GT puts down 330RWHP which is roughly around 380HP at the crank.

To help up the power on this RB25 a boost controller and a larger front mounted intercooler have been added. The stock pistons have been upgraded to CP forged piston and a EXEDY stage 2 clutch has been installed to deal with the extra torque. A Blitz Nur Spec cat back sits in place of the restrictive stock exhaust, which gives this Skyline a much deeper tone.

A Nismo Aero body kit makes up a subtle exterior (yes, it is possible for a yellow car to look subtle). When it comes to ride height a sensible stance has been adopted, one that’s delivered in the form of a set of Tein coilers. It’s also sat on a set of bronze Rota GTR’s that are wrapped in a set of Toyo Proxes TR1 which help put the 330WHP to the ground. A Cusco half cage is nestled in the interior and handling upgrades come via front and rear anti-roll bars.

This almost matching black GTT is owned by another Alex. Whilst not too dissimilar to Matt’s to look at, this example is packing even more power. Featuring the RB25 Neo which in stock form puts down an extra 30HP compared to the standard RB25DET. Alex’s example however, now makes 410RWHP. Which is more than a handful considering that 75% of time it’s raining in the UK. Pretty sure this has caught Alex out more than a few times.

To make this power, a hybrid turbo can be found under the carbon fibre hood. Built by Turbo Dynamics it retains its stock housing but on the inside it features an oversized turbine which creates more boost. Amongst an extensive list of mods are a set of 480cc Nismo injectors and upgraded Walbro fuel pump delivering plenty of fuel flow.

Tuned via an ApexiFC ECU a Greddy boost controller can also be found inside for those times when boost needs to be wound up or down. Amongst multiple blue dress up parts in the engine bay there is a huge Japspeed D1 intercooler mounted at the front of the bay to help keep intakes down.

Underneath a Drift Works alignment kit front and rear can be found along with polybushed rose joints and super pro adjustable front camber bushes.

This is the first time I have seen a set of Work Meister S2Rs on a car. They come in a black finish giving this 34 a murdered look. The rest of the exterior features an array of carbon fiber parts which includes a full carbon fiber bonnet, vented frp fenders and Nismo GTT spoiler legs.

As all three cars lined up outside the idyllic Blickling Hall they were joined by an unruly and stupidly loud S15. I didn’t get much time with this but it was putting down some decent HP figures and was more than tasty. Yet another car we wouldn’t find on the roads of the UAE as S15s were never produced in LHD.

So as the four left this 15th century house, bouncing it off the limiter whilst getting slightly sideways in the process, it reminded me that no matter how far away I was from the UAE somethings are not all that different.