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‘Obsession’ I feel, is a very bad and a very crazy thought to have. But while obsession can lead to a disaster, it also has the potential to lead to the creation of something beautiful. A handiwork where quite simply, words are not enough. For Jay, the obsession is with the MKIV generation of the Toyota Supra and the example we have here, is the ‘beautiful’ result of it.

For Jay, the love of cars has been in his genes, with his father teaching him everything he knows between a nut and a bolt. Jay’s childhood was filled with Hot Wheels and endless conversations with his dad about the cars they liked. I can relate, because even I have endless conversations with my dad. Conversations on how I could have done something ‘worthwhile’ with the money I just spent on my new set of Work Wheels.

Jay moved to the US when he came of driving age and soon enough, he got his first car, a 1994 Mazda MX5, the little four banger was fun to drive, it was nimble and it was a roadster. And everybody loves a roadster! The tinkering started soon with tints, wheels and a stereo system. As Jay grew older, he found himself working after-school hours and summers in a performance workshop, and the money gave him a chance to buy his dream car then, a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. The coupe was laden with features such as active aero, full-time AWD, four-wheel steering and electronically controlled suspension. It was not a Porsche 959 by any means, and it broke more often than a Peugeot. But what it was, was one of the most technologically advanced cars to come out of the land of the rising sun.

The VR4 was Jays introduction to the world of forced induction and simply put, the bug never left. The VR4 was this guys ‘poster car’. This was of course, before he made his life altering decision of purchasing a MKIV Toyota Supra. Why life altering exactly? Well read on.

Jay moved back to the UAE in 2010 and things got pretty horrific, when he was given the keys to a Land Cruiser. It is a tragedy when a VR4, a Mazda RX-7, a Nissan 300ZX later, you end up driving a tank. Jay was missing his cars in the States and began hunting for something ‘fun’ here. The list included a Mitsubishi Evolution and a Subaru STI. However, for Jay the SUV made more sense with each passing day in the UAE, which is why he upgraded his 100 series Land Cruiser to a 200. The only way Jay kept his sanity was by driving his cars in the States during his visits. And it was particularly one of these visits where Jay came across the beauty you’re seeing now.

During one such trip Jay was informed by a friend about a bone stock 1998 Supra for sale. The car had low miles, a single owner and it was a 6 speed manual. The car was 600 miles away, but being a car nut Jay made the distance and boy, was he glad he did. The owner stored the Supra in a climate-controlled garage, with the wheels off the car to avoid flat spots. The car was driven only on the weekends and pampered like a child. It was love at first sight; you know? The jittery feeling you get when you see something so beautiful you can’t take your eyes off it. Yeah, this same feeling also means you’re screwed (incase you forgot)

At this point, Jay was trying very very hard to convince himself that he did not need ‘another’ Supra. Considering he already had a Corvette Z06 and a 97’ MKIV in his garage. He thought long and he thought hard, and as you would have it, he paid the deposit to bring home his ‘fourth’ Supra. (Dear reader, yes I meant fourth. Jay has previously owned three Supra’s, facts of which will go over in a bit)

Jays new car was stock down to the windshield wipers, and he put together a through plan to modify everything he could, before shipping it to the UAE.

The cars go-fast bits include a TRD clutch, Blitz intake system, HKS titanium exhaust, RMM downpipe, C’s short shifter, ARC oil-cooler, GReddy front-mount intercooler, SS clutch lines and a Turbo XS BOV. With great power comes a great responsibility to stop fast, which is taken care of quite well by a Stoptech BBK and SS brake lines hiding behind the next to perfect Work Meister S1 3pc. Measuring 19 inches in diameter. The stock suspension has been swapped out for a set of Tein coilovers to keep the Supra looking good when parked hard and planted when turning harder.

The interior of a Supra in my opinion, is quite a nice place to be. The futuristic cockpit and driver-centric controls are its trump card. Considering the fact that a driver spends the most time behind the wheel, Jay has upgraded his interior with a TRD steering wheel, custom-weighted titanium shift knob, LED interior lighting and a rear seat delete. Now you can’t keep buttons from the 90’s looking fresh, hence Jay’s decision to swap all buttons for new ones from the factory and a gauge conversion from MPH to KPH, LED backed of course.

This red beauty is loud both on the inside and outside. The interior acoustics are courtesy JL Audio speakers and components anywhere they could be stuffed with 15” JL Audio subs in a custom box and 3 Precision Power amps. All said and done, the talking point of this Supra has to be its exterior. The body mods feature a complete Top Secret body-kit from the land of JDM goodness, paired with a TRD spoiler. The head lights have been retro-fitted with S2K projector HID’s and the rear lights have been modernized using single COB LED’s. This was done to make sure that the ones left behind in the rear-view mirror can see the tail-lights clearly.

I am struggling to find a part not tampered with on this Supra, and I have narrowed it down to the carpet and the Toyota badging. An obsession it is, and its seed was planted when Jay got his first Supra right around the time Fast & Furious hit the screens. A few bolt-ons, an upgraded suspension and aftermarket wheels kept him satisfied for the time being. The Supra was then sold to make room for another, a 1995 6-speed. As Jay expanded his knowledge of the 2JZ-GTE platform, the mod bug within started to bite harder. A single-turbo conversion (61mm) and an upgraded fuel-system were some of the modifications he carried out.

Jay was enjoying his 95’ MKIV, and as he was browsing online, he came across another Supra for sale. The owner was desperate to sell it and the deal was too good to pass up. What happened next is well, not surprising. Jay now had two Supras in his garage. Add to that a daily driven Honda Accord and a Yamaha R1, Jay was soon wondering how on god’s green earth did he plan on sending his kids to college.

Jay’s third Supra was already packing some punch. A 97’ 6-speed specimen, it sported a 67mm single-turbo conversion, elevated fuel system, built head, an ECM upgrade and driveline changes. “It was the whole nine-yards.” Jay remembers, or at least does a good impression of trying to. Jay still owns the third Supra back in the States, and it is well guarded by his C6 Z06 and Suzuki GSX-R 750.

As we conclude our conversation and are about to part ways, Jay takes a quick look at Supra and utters the words that perfectly describe a car guy’s relationship with the machine we hold closest to their heart –

“There is something about this car that I absolutely love. Its hard to explain, but I have a soft spot for it. I think I will always own one, no matter what else I own or not own!”

Photos by Daniel Price/Robert Lintescu words by Jackie Sobhani.