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If you’re a regular, then you already know why we love Caffeine and Machine events. Last year’s season closer at Port Rashid, was the highlight fo the season – its scale and diversity were something that has yet to be matched within the UAE. But, did it end on too much of a high?

We have been crying out for a regular events structure here in the UAE, with the Custom Show Emirates being the only established, well organised annual event in our automotive calendar. As of yet no one has managed to challenge this. With The Custom Show Emirates being a yearly event, there is still a wide open gap for a regular monthly meet up.

And Friday’s Caffeine and Machine was proof that there is a need for a monthly ‘Cars and Coffee’ style set up.

One thing that’s guaranteed when it comes to Caffeine and Machine events is to expect anything. Couple that with both our involvement and District 31’s, and there really are no limitations. Friday was no exception, in a meet which included a 1000HP+ R35 drift car, $900,000 Trophy Truck, a 1957 BMW Isetta and everything else in between.

This time around we weren’t graced with the vast space that Port Rashid has to offer, but the back drop did make for some interesting shots. Set underneath the main grandstand at the Dubai Autodrome, space was limited and didn’t take long to fill up. This didn’t effect the variety of metal on display. And here’s a few of our favourites.

This white Ultima GTR really stood out, a car I had never personally seen in the flesh until the show. These things are real weapons, a mid-engined rear-wheel drive chassis which was sold in kit form and weighs in at a touch under 1000KGs. A range of engines can be fitted in the rear, so with this example we were unsure what was hidden inside. Nevertheless it’s a true piece of British engineering and possibly the only one in the UAE.

So, how about that $900,000 Trophy Truck? Aptly name ‘Big Oly’, as you guessed, its massive. And as we found out, it makes one hell of a racket. It has enough displacement to keep any hardened Trump supporter happy, as a 438 cubic inch 351Ford V8 sits in the rear. So why is it valued so high? Well the amount of custom fabrication that has been handcrafted on it, is bonkers. And, the majority of parts are finished in gold, something that doesn’t go a miss in the UAE. But unlike the many poorly wrapped gold Range Rovers, this manages to pull it off.

There were a variety of cars dotted at the base of Dubai Autodrome’s main Grandstand. There is no way I could go without mentioning something we called the Datsun Alley. A range of Zs which included a 240, two 280s and a 280zx. All prepared by Kanzen Motorsports for the show and of course, are no strangers to us. The white 240 is by far my favourite, period correct isn’t the word.

Next to them were a wide range of Porsches that throughout the day changed. Their party was however, gatecrashed by some Italian late comers. Still they were more than worthy.

The air cooled boys were holding it down out next, in their much younger cousins. Many of which we had seen before at previous events. They were joined by a rather special BMW. A 1957 Isetta, known for their fuel efficiency and not their space. I’m not sure I’d feel entirely safe on Sheikh Zayed Road in one!

Next was muscle car corner which included Fadi’s stand out Chevelle. His Charger is the one that usually grabs all the attention, but I love a Chevelle, and Fadi’s is done right, just like the rest of his cars.

Even though Imran from Rayans Rides fastback Mustang was at the Dubai Motorshow, I was still yet to have a good look around it. Although I’m not a huge muscle car fan I wouldn’t say no to cruising around in this for the weekend. Stance is my thing, and this has a healthy amount of it.

LS motors seem to find themselves in all sorts of engine bays these days. And this was quite the odd match. With the AC Cobra being from the Ford family, a 5.0 Coyote engine would be the obvious match. Still, I wouldn’t be complaining though as this Cobra was super clean, and it grabbed loads of attention.

The connecting area adjacent to the main Grandstand had a constant stream of cars coming in and out the entire day. Dominated by JDM cars there were a number of R35s and one very clean R34.

Whilst we are on the subject of Skylines, Pro Drift Academy brought along Nissan’s record breaking drift spec R35. Everyone must have seen this ripping up Goodwood Festival of Speed this summer.

This 240sx or S13 (depending on where you are from in the world) has been all over our Instagram stories for the past eight months. Sami the owner has undertaken a full rebuild on this. I for one, wasn’t sure on the color scheme, but after seeing the car on Friday his bold choice has definitely paid off. Rumor has it bags are on the way for this. So more to come on this one.

The Vossen stand was showing FOS’s most recent creation – their very own R8. Sat on forged 20inch CG -209 wheels and airlift suspension. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this soon.

Hadi’s was also repping the Vossen brand with his bagged and whippled Challenger sat on some dished VWS 3’s.

Most people in the scene have seen Tariq’s pair of bagged Deville’, he’s a regular after all. But this was a first we had seen both of them parked up with Ahmad’s Burgundy bagged Deville. There is something special about seeing a 60’s Cadillac on the ground. Proper gangsta!

So what’s next for Caffeine and Machine? With the formula being proven yet again, a bigger venue is in need. But, finding a venue willing to accommodate car events is tough. Without Victory Games and Cafe (who kept us refreshed throughout the day) and the Dubai Autodrome then this day wouldn’t have been possible.

So the question is…will anyone stand up and throw their name in the hat? There has to be a automotive friendly event space out there. One which can match the scale of the original Caffeine and Machine event. But we do know they will be back soon, it just may not be quite what you’d expect.