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December. It is a beautiful month, isn’t it? One filled with joy and happiness. Unless you are stuck in National Day traffic, have not met your quarterly target and have forgotten your wedding/dating/insert another thing anniversary. And even if you are unlucky enough to go through all the aforementioned events, you still have one thing to look forward to – The year-end Evolve Fun Speed Run.With the last event being held at the Hill, it was fairly obvious that Round 3 of the Evolve Fun Speed Run would be contested at DA’s Oval circuit. The layout was quite challenging, almost always the case with this course – including a technical flow of gates off-track, followed by a tight handling circuit, eventually leading to the quick slalom section onto the main track. With the weather at the best behaviour and the participants lined up, it was time to get down to business.



Time for me to get down to business, with the results – It was Mulham in his Audi RS3 (also known as Orangina within the Evolve circle) who took first place in the AWD-Stock category. We also noticed the ‘new sponsor’ livery along with the pops and bangs. Needless to say, a few burgers are now obligatory at the next round!

In the AWD-Modified category, the STI vs Evo rivalry between Sharaf and Ramy continued, ensuing in another win for the latter. I suggest we start calling his car ‘Gandalf’. After all, it is white and does not let anyone past.

The Siksek brothers have had their own rivalry. Ever since they got their hands on the GTI CS. This time, Mahmoud just narrowly edged Abdul Rahman to clinch the FWD-Modified category trophy.

The GTI CS reigned supreme in the FWD-Stock category as well, with Anwar steering his grey specimen to first place in class.

We now come to the RWD-Stock category, where Ibrahim clinched top honors in his E93 M3, narrowly beating the category king Mahmoud and his Porsche Cayman S. Has Ibrahim finally found a way to knock the bird off its perch? Only the next round will tell!

In the RWD-Modified category, we have Fadi who took home the trophy in his BMW 135i. Sigh, BMW’s and the Evolve RWD-Modified trophy seems to be a better love-story than twilight. At least I am starting to think that way.

The race class entries in this round were different than perhaps any preceding Evolve Fun Speed Run, and that is only a good thing. Instead of the usual Silvercars, the entries on the day were the Darth Vader E92 M3, driven by Jimmy and Wissam from +971 Track, and  a car we  normally would not expect in this category, Matt’s Fiat 126P.  Even though this car didn’t last the whole 7 runs this day, we at Carculture.ae are keen to know more about this single seater!

One may be forgiven to think that Jimmy would be the quickest driver around. Quite surprisingly however, it was Wissam who drove the M3 faster than Mr. Vader himself, clinching the fastest time of the day. Jimmy still did what he does best though, taking home the race class trophy.

Props to the Evolve team for another bang-on Fun Speed event. One with quite the gift this season. Allowing drivers 7 runs due to lesser participants. And while we are on that note, I noticed just two Nissan Z’s on the event day. Funnily enough, the Z guys have been ever present in huge numbers at the latest parking lot events. Maybe redlining engines and blowing up speakers at meets is more ‘exhilarating’, considering the fact that stock 86’s have been running rings around this bunch at the track. With so many healthy rivalries around, I hope this one does not die a premature death.

Yaser (our resident Evolve Santa Clause) forgot the trophies on the event day. He has however, promised a swift drop-off before Christmas Eve. I guess having a GTI Clubsport as your sleigh does help out. Speaking of Christmas, we at carculture.ae would like to extend seasons greetings to all, and we hope to see you at the next round. Oh and by the way, the carculture team is accepting gifts (donations to our respective race-car funds, of course).