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The start to every new year is a busy one. Some of us spend the first four weeks with our friends and family, while others are just getting back from a vacation. A bunch of us are also planning our budgets, renewing our rental contracts or making bad decisions such as buying a new project car.

The Motorsports calendar is also a tight one in January, with Time Attack, Dubai 24H and a host of other events taking place one after the other. This meant that the 4th Round of Evolve Fun Speed Run, would commence on the 2nd of February, almost four weeks after the initially planned date.

The agenda as always was clear – Registration, Briefing, Familiarization and Go! However just as the briefing was at its end, we were informed by Yaser and Co. that this would be the last ever Evolve Fun Speed Run. A news that caused almost all smiling faces to turn empty without expression. The trophy box however was full, which means we should get to the results now.

In the FWD category we witnessed the GTI Clubsport’s dominance yet again, as top-honors for both FWD-stock and FWD-modified were taken by Anwar and Mahmoud (from the Siksek duo) respectively.


First place in the AWD-stock category was clinched by Wael Mustafa who was behind the wheel of a white 911 Turbo. Unsurprisingly, he was also the second quickest around the layout on the day.

‘Gandalf’, or otherwise known as ‘White Noise’ in the Evolve circle took home the AWD-modified category top honors yet again. It seems that the Subie owners are giving up, as the sea of blue just keeps getting smaller with every round.

We now come to the RWD-category, where it was quite literally ‘Bimmerfest’, as Ibrahim lifted the stock trophy in his E93 M3, while Fadi clinched the modified trophy in his 135i. A repeat of last rounds result.


Last but not the least, we have the race class and there are no surprises here as Raad grabbed first place and the fastest time while steering the Silvercar.

Speaking of race-class, there were two very interesting entries in the category – Ghanems LS2 swapped E36 3-series (which is almost the perfect sleeper I have across) and Samers RB-26 powered drift-spec Silvia. Both cars were quite a treat to the eye on track. But unfortunately Samer’s heavy foot caused the Silvia to break down and splatter oil over the track. Not quite the end one would expect to the last ever Fun Speed Run. The participants however, still managed to get in four runs out of the anticipated five.

The guys behind Evolve are simply put, a close knit family who came from different walks of life but have just one thing in common – cars. It is this uniting passion that spawned the birth of the Fun Speed Run that over the course of the last couple of years, has turned into one of the most well-executed and exciting events for all automotive enthusiasts.
I’m sure we all can very much guess the plethora of reasons behind the Evolve managements decision to put an end to the Fun Speed Run for the time being. But I am not sure that we will get to witness another event of this caliber in the near future.  The team at carculture.ae is glad to be a part of the Evolve family. And we sincerely hope, that Yaser and Co. were just joking about this being the last ever Speed Run. Because if I am being honest, I really do not have anything else to be excited about on a Friday morning.