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An empty harbor surrounded by shipping containers, unused warehouses with a stunning backdrop that features one of the most famous transatlantic ocean liners, the QE2. The venue - Port Rashid owned by DP World; the event - Caffeine and Machine the vision of ex Crank and Piston founder Phil McGovern. And who’d of thought that all of this came off the back of a rain storm?

There is no hiding that we have been big supporters of Caffeine and Machine following the reappearance of their meets at the start of this season. They may have not been the largest shows/meets in this region but what sets them apart is the diversity of cars and the atmosphere. After seeing the venue for the first time some weeks back we knew that this season closing would be big. But that still didn’t prepare us for what went down on the day.

Due to the time of year the timings had been readjusted to compensate for the heat. Not the norm for the normally early rising Caffeine and Machine, this one kicked off at 3pm.

The venue itself was huge, and we are not sure how DP World has managed to keep this location hidden. The main strip was littered with anything from classic Muscle cars all the way up to modern day super cars. Dotted between each bay of parking were trade stands which ranged from live airbrushing, live music, furniture made from car parts and hand built scale model cars.

Craft by Two are a more than bit different from the norm, with their industrial lighting which is far and above some of the most creative lighting solutions. With all their products made locally in the UAE they really are something.
Beach Road Magazine (who were also a part of the organisation team) sat right at the end of the main strip. Another UAE based company who are renowned for uncovering some of Dubai’s hidden artists. They were selling their full range of merchandise, something which Julian left us in charge of earlier on in the day (not always the wisest of moves).
So, back to the cars. Undoubtedly the hottest property was hidden away in ‘The Shed’. This pair of matching Mclarens were making quite a stir. A P1 sat next to a 1 out of 25 688, every Instagram car spotter's dream.
But this Porsche 919 Le Man car was more along our lines of “out there”. You can’t get more baller than a fully spec’d Le Man car, too good to sit on the ground arriving on its very own pallet.
‘The Shed’ was awash with Tomini’s classics as they pledged their continual support to the Caffeine and Machine brand. Their delivery mileage NSX was holding it down next to the already famous Pandem R35 GTR. We simply could not stay away from it. Before the show started we got a quick peak inside it, and as you would expect it was beyond mint. This must be one of the lowest mileage NSXs in the world with only 12 kms on the clocks.
When stood next to this F40, comments such as ‘my favorite childhood car’ and ‘I used to have one of these on my walls when I was a kid’ were just some of the phrases people were caught muttering. There is no questioning the twin turbo’d V8’s popularity within the petrol head community. With nearly all of the F40s leaving the factory in Maranello painted in the famous Rosso red, this example would probably upset the purists. A blue F40? If you can why not? This even rolled into the show, no trailer queen here. This ticks all of our boxes.
Some of the finest aircooled Porsches were also sat under the steel girders of ‘The Shed’. We have become more and more partial to the older porka’s – sometimes meaning we spend a little too long lingering.
This pair of type 1 Campers born from the same breed as the early Porsches added to the variety of what could be found in ‘The Shed’. With a strong following in the States and Europe, there are not enough of them around on the roads of the UAE.
Staying on a Porsche trip, this was possibly the first public showing of these three RWBs that were recently built at the Dubai Autodrome. Love them or hate them, heads were turned when they rolled in as a trio. A color combination that is more than on point with the blue possibly being our choice as number one.
Sat next to the RWB boys and drawing just as much attention were the Stance Kitchen boys. We have seen a lot of them recently but it was our first look at Dave’s new rear end on his 370Z. Seemingly taking inspiration from the nearby QE2 it now has an rear end that even Kim Kardashian would be proud of.
As always there was a heavy off road influence. Two of our favourites were this Lamborghini LM002 and this Mercedes Unimog. When put on the spot we couldn't choose between the two but either would more than do the trick for those late night Jumeriah cruises.
As we were claiming Caffeine and Machine to be the season closer we decided to reach out to some of our biggest supporters of the season and some the wide variety of cars that we have featured to come and show their support in our very own section of the show. We haven't got space to list a thank yous to everyone that came to support us, some were faces were very well known to us, and some we had only met recently. Needless to say the cars more the summed up what we feature on our website.
Even though our small team was busy on the day, we were more than overwhelmed with the atmosphere which surrounded our stand. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up with the regular faces and get an insight into their plans for next season. And for this we cannot thank you all enough.

And on that note next season is already shaping up to be a big one. With the car culture growing within the UAE and Middle East we need more events like this. But, they would not possible without a venue. So a special mention needs to go to DP World for not only supplying the stunning backdrop but also their very welcoming hospitality. Behind the scenes they went over and above in such a short time, especially after the bad weather had cancelled the previously planned Caffeine and Machine event.

And how could we sign off without mentioning this man, the brain child behind District31 and a very integral part of the organizing team. Fred you stole our hearts!

Until next time!