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Oman is never short of automotive culture, and during our recent trip we caught up with a car that is familiar to many of us here at CarCulture.ae - Mohammed’s bagged MK4 R32.

As the MK4 R32 was never available in the Middle East, there are a considerable lack of them available with the very few that are here, having been imported from Japan or Europe. Mohammed’s example is a three door and it’s a car that I personally know very well. I can remember first seeing it when it was still stock due to my involvement with the VW Audi Club, UAE. After some minor bodywork it then got passed onto to one of my previous karting team mates, Chris who then sold it to Mohammed when he moved to Oman, opting for a Clio 197 instead (this decision still baffles me, and I know this is one Chris will never get over!).

This R32 is one of the cleanest examples that you will find within our region, which is rare for any mid-2000 production car. With not many faring well in the extreme heat conditions found in the region. With this R32 however, the heat has not been an issue as it has been very well cared for in the past. Since its made its way into Mohammed’s ownership he has transformed it to the next level.

Mohammed’s time in Europe and particularly the UK is reflected in the way he has chosen to modify his R32 (which is very refreshing considering the current trends within the VAG scene in the UAE). Since the release of the MK5 platform it has been all too easy for someone in the UAE to purchase the very affordable GTI. The trend then seems to be a simple tune and a downpipe with the end goal of maximum power. The newer turbo charged engines respond very well to a tune, giving many owners the impression that they own something more than just a GTI. Very rarely do we see a complete performance build, or even a clean car on a decent set of wheels and sorted suspension from the ever growing Volkswagen marque.
This build on the other hand has appealed to my tastes at least by choosing to go down the stanced route (which is still to date the most popular trend in Europe). And who can blame him, this look has been and will continue be, the in thing for the VAG scene because its simple and works well. His suspension consist of Air Lift Performance struts and Accuair Air Management. The Fifteen 52 Tarmacs (which are designed around the classic Compomotive M05 Motorsport wheel) are a respectable 8.5 inches wide all round and give this MK4 a timeless feel.
One of the most surprising mods though is the exhaust set up. As this came rolling towards us it was clear that this 3.2 liter V6 was no longer running its stock exhaust. But little did we know that this R32 was running a Alphamale Performance valve-tronic catback. At this point the valves were closed and later we went on to find out why. When opened words cannot describe how good it sounds. The 3.2 liter V6 has taken some slack when it comes to performance especially when stacked up against the newer 2.0 turbo charged engines. But no modified 2.0 will ever sound like this!

Other performance mods come in the form of a stage 1 tune, K&N Typhoon Filter, BFI engine mounts, Stop-tech Cross Drilled Rotors, Stop-tech brake pads all around and a Dieselgeek Sigma6 short shifter.

This isn’t Mohammed's only ride, he also has a K04 converted MK6 GTI - another car which we have seen a lot of through the VW Audi Club UAE Facebook page.

We asked about his future plans for this stunning R32, Mohammed seems to be weighing up a chassis notch to get the front end lower when aired out. Other plans include tidying up the Air Ride installation in the rear. We personally love to see a decent hardline set up, something which we don't often see in this region.

Massive thanks to Mohammed for letting us feature his super clean and rare (to this region at least) R32. Without cars like this the local VW scene will never evolve.

Photos by Robert Lintescu / Daniel Price and words by Daniel Price.