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AutoXmania kicked off at the Emirates Motorplex which saw a few of the local car clubs get together for some spirited driving. The event had its very own DJ mixing up some tunes and a VW beetle kitchen that was serving out Waffles, yep they were good! The event featured twenty-nine cars from the UAE ST Club, Veloster Knights UAE and the Volkswagen Vdubz club getting together for the first round of AutoXmania. The event had three sessions, where the drivers were able to attack the track.
Congratulations to the winners of the different categories and all the participants who drove all the way UAQ Motorplex, some true deadication! Shout out to the organizers for setting up the event to get local enthusiasts together for some friendly competition and burning some rubber. AutoXmania are planing on doing a few more rounds before the season closes. And if this was a small taste of what to expect, we look forward to checking out their future events.