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Being in a place like Dubai you soon run out of things to look forward to. Let’s face it, how many times are you going to head to the biggest mall in the world? Or do the hundred other things a blogger would like you to do? Or go to the ‘real’ auto-cross in UAE? Not many, obviously. That being said, you and I as enthusiasts will never get tired of looking forward to the last quarter of every year, and for good reason. After all, it brings the onset of winter, which means taking the dust off our respective race-cars and giving them the ‘hoon’ they deserve. However, the onset of winter also brings Round 1 of the Evolve Fun Speed Run. And now you know why I like the song ‘Wake me up when September ends’ by Green Day.
For the 2017-2018 Season, Evolve has planned seven rounds of action-packed, cone-setting fun! And five out of the aforementioned seven are going to be held at Dubai Autodrome’s Oval Circuit layout. The other venues, are kept under wraps (curiosity is always good, isn’t it). With registration numbers almost touching the half-century mark, it was going to be a busy Friday afternoon. Long, but ‘fun’ nonetheless. Especially for the Evolve regulars, who haven’t caught up with each other in over four months, quite literally!
The cars were split into AWD, FWD, RWD and Race classes respectively. With the drive-train based classes sub-divided into stock and modified categories. Anyhow, onto the results! The AWD categories are almost always dominated by Subaru’s, Evo’s and VW-Audi group cars. Where Wissam took first place in the stock category with his MK7R,
Ramy was out hunting blue Subarus in his white Evo X. And he did hunt well, taking home the category trophy yet again!
As for the FWD stock class, it was Saleh who took first place in his Suzuki Swift! Yep, a Suzuki Swift paired with driver-mod, of course.
I was assuming it would be the Siksek brothers who would wrestle their GTI Clubsport to top spot in the modified category. But a flying Houssam in a Megan 225RS came to spoil the party. It would be fun to watch them battle it out over the course of this season. Ladies and Gentlemen, time to place our bets?
We now arrive to the RWD stock category and it was Mahmoud who took 1st place in class, driving his Cayman S to the absolute limit! Adding to his podium finish at the season finale the last time we met.
In the RWD modified category, Jimmy and his ‘Darth Vader’ M3 clinched top honors. Breaking some necks and bursting some ear-drums in the process. I’ve lost track of how many times this guy has challenged the limits of his M3 and annihilated the competition. This begs me to ask, is the E92 M3 that good in the hands of the right driver? (Dear BMW owners who don’t use indicators, wear glares and cannot drive, Jimmy does provide driving lessons if you ‘make him an offer he cannot refuse’)
Last but not the least; we have now arrived to the Race class, where we had a new entrant in Nick and his race-spec MK5 GTI. Nicks impressive driving was not enough to knock Mohamed and his ST2 off the perch however. But from what I’ve seen, Nick has gotten awfully close, and there might just be an upset in the next round!
Oh and also congratulations to Abdulla Jaafari (you know, the guy from Crank and Piston who keeps following us) for winning the ‘Rookie of the day’ trophy. Kudos to him as he topped up the blinker fluid on his BMW before hitting the track. Good on him. Shout out to SAM Performance for their support and flags at the start. As for the rest of you lot, I’ll see you at the next one!