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With qualifying still not completed due to a few technical difficulties for some drivers and the late arrival of Dany Neville, here are a few of the cars who will be in contention for the top spot on the podium.
Ahmad Daham had an almost near perfect run in qualifying and when the results are announced later today, he should be sat in first position. He will be looking for a similar finish today and will be a strong contender for the overall title as King of Desert.
Round 2’s winner Tariq Al-Shaihani, looked very impressive and looks certain to finish second overall in qualifying. His immaculate LS powered S13 looked untouchable, and we can't wait to see it in the tandem knock out stages later today.
Local favourite Ali Al-Balushi (who is sporting a new livery on his S13) always does well at his home circuit and will surely be looking for a podium finish. That said, due to an unfortunate technical problem during his qualifying runs, he still has a lot of ground to cover.
Reefat AL Yahyai got a very good reception from the crowd during his qualifying run in his S13. He is looking good for a high finish.

Ahmed Tarek looked to be a strong contender in practice, but unfortunately he didn't make qualifying due to a technical issue. He has been working on his car though the night and will get another chance to qualify today before the knock out stages.

Practice starts today at 5pm with the tandem knock out battles starting at 7pm. We should know the winners by 9pm.

Photos by Robert Lintescu and words by Daniel Price.