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We’ve had a roller-coaster start to 2017 at carculture.ae, trying to cover anything ‘automotivo’ before the season closes. And just as we were working on our last hurrah - Caffeine and Machine, a Facebook notification informed us of the third round of Extreme Super Lap. To be held on the same day as C&M with Phil McGovern. Of all the things done at carculture.ae, nothing is executed better than the dark art of being in two places at once. And as Rohan ate away the last of his McDonalds fries, we got geared up to cover the 2017 finale of Extreme Super Lap (ESL).

Also known as UAE Time Attack, the ESL is the only FIA approved time-attack event in the Middle-East.

The format remains largely unchanged since the inception of ESL. With cars divided in classes such as Street, Super-Street, Modified and Unlimited on the basis of modifications. And subdivisions related to displacement & drivetrain. The layout for the final round was the Yas Marina North Circuit. A 3.15km track that features 10 corners, the North Circuit allows drivers to smash the pedal at the back straight, before they brake their internal organs out to tackle the famous turn number eight. Slightly longer than its South-counterpart, it allows competitors to carry higher speeds through corners, especially through turn number four.

The participants were split into groups namely A, B, C, and D on the basis of vehicle class. Each group would get a 10-minute practice session followed by three 15 minute sessions of track-time. That being said, due to driver numbers failing to satisfy minimum requirements at this round, the categories were grouped together, and the results are as follows –

In Group A, where the Supercar and Racecar classes were combined, it was Abdulaziz Alyaeesh who championed his way to first place with a best time of 1.16.760 in his Mclaren 650S, which quite literally shrieks ‘Hello, I am green and I go fast’. With this victory, Abdulaziz has secured top honors in his class at all 3 Time-Attack Rounds for the 2017 season. Team Tensai’s very own ‘tame racing driver’ Fadi Bekawi, finished second with a time of 1.17.183 in his ‘ear-drum shattering’ race-spec Mitsubishi Evolution.
Group B saw the AWD-Modified and RWD-Modified competitors battle each other. It was a close race between Nader Odeh in his Blue Evo 10 and Abdullah Ahmed in its predecessor, a Blue Evo 9. The former only slightly edged out Abdullah, with both drivers best times at 1.22.387 and 1.22.769 respectively. We caught a glimpse of Naders driving when we first saw him at Extreme Super Lap - Round 1 this year. Unfortunately, an incident at the hairpin cut Nader's evening short during this round. We wish him all the best in getting his car ready for the next one and are eagerly waiting to see him out on the track again!
In Group-C, top honors were split between two beautiful 911’s driven by Mario Scaccio and Peter Tierney. We had a Porsche code ‘red’ emergency at this round of ESL, as all the competing Porsches we came across were sprayed in this signature hue. I wonder if the color makes a car quicker. It probably does in this case, as Mario lapped the circuit in 1.23.252, and Peter followed closely with a time of 1.24.458.
It was the Sub 2.0L warriors who dominated Group-D in this final installment of UAE Time Attack. Marwan took first place in his well-modified GT86 with a time of 1.27.665. He does seem to be more comfortable in the Toyobaru. After all, it does not try to slide him off the track like his Corvette. In second, we have Reswee Masahud from Fliptuned, who managed a best time of 1.28.414 in his white Honda S2000. Having just completed the new aero-work, we look forward to seeing him hit V-Tec at the next round!
Extreme Super Lap has all the right ingredients to be the go-to event every season – loud noises, striking machines and the beautiful Yas Circuit against a setting sun. Beyond any doubt, it is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts to see what they are made of. Over here, it does not matter how slammed your car is or how wide your new luxury wheels are. What matters, is how you take the next corner and how much faster you are willing to go. In a nutshell, it is an event where cars do what they were meant to do – be driven. And we at carculture.ae are sure, there will be a bigger crowd anticipating the announcement of Round 1, next season.