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I am not sure why ‘When I see you again’ from the Fast 7 OST is on loop at the back of my head while writing this, it could be because we won’t have an Evolve Speed Run for the next six months. It could also be the dramatic Indian inside coming out of the closet. Let me advise you, neither of the aforementioned things are good, especially the latter!

The response to the Season Finale of Evolve Speed Run was nothing short of impressive. A total of 45 cars (unless my mathematics is utter nonsense) were registered, ready and excited to battle it out once more on the DA (Dubai Autodrome) Oval handling circuit. The lay out for the finale was similar to the rounds at the 1.2km track that preceded it – where participants enter via a left, tackle a speed breaker towards the inside area, go through the course set up by Yaser without disqualification to get outside and around to cross the line. Crossing the line is easy, avoiding the disqualification? Not so much if you have trouble paying attention. On to the results then!

The FWD category is one that is always dominated by VW-Audi group cars, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a trio of Focus ST’s in the mix at this season finale! Houssam who finished in 2nd place at the last Auto-X, narrowly edged out the GTI Clubsport driven by Anwar to take first place in the FWD stock category, with both drivers clocking best times of 1.09.87 and 1.10.60 respectively.

As for the FWD modified the Siksek brothers muscled their GTI Clubsport to a one-two finish at the top of their class yet again. Mahmoud stopped the watch at 1.08.03 with Abdulrahman just a whisker behind at 1.08.06.

The Siksek brothers have been notching top spots with the GTI Clubsport consistently, I’m not sure if it is the sheer brilliance of the car or the Michelin Cup tires. It could be the driver-mod for all I know, and it seems like they have that in abundance.

Mulham, seems to be pushing the right buttons when it comes to ‘Orangina’ (his beloved RS3), taking home the AWD-Stock category trophy with a time of 1.08.82. That’s a hat-trick for him this season, after winning his class at Round 3 and Evolve Wet Auto-X. The travels from Oman have been worth it, eh?

Chris, who is still trying to convince Mr. Daniel Price that the Golf MK6R is not shit now has a fighting chance by clocking 1.10.16 on the stopwatch, two seconds faster than Nour in his Golf MK7R to finish second. Is it enough to change Dans mind? Only one way to find out (Insert note from Daniel)

Ramy clinched top spot in the AWD-Modified category to add to his impressive triumph at the last evolve Auto-X, lapping up the course at a blisteringly quick 1.04.47 in his white Evo. Leaving behind him a sea of Subarus, dare I say again? In second, we have Sharaf who managed a time of 1.06.32. It was good to see Moe Sabra back on the track in his STI, which finished in third with 1.06.84.
We now arrive to the RWD stock category and it was Mahmoud who crossed the line with 1.08.81 on the timesheet, granting him 1st place in class. In second we have Chris, who drove his 370Z to the limits to finish with 1.09.38, could he edge the Cayman S next season? We are waiting to find out! Ibrahim, who has been dominating the RWD-S category as of late, tackled the course in 1.11.50 to finish third.

Saad who claimed the carculture.ae entertainment trophy at his last Auto-X event, snatched the top-spot in RWD-modified from Moataz who looked certain to win in his Caterham. Both drivers drove remarkably well, Moataz managed a 1.07.78 with Saad being only slightly faster in his Red S2000 with 1.07.07 as his best time. Marwan, who decided to bring out his 86 this time, clinched third with 1.08.38 on the stopwatch.

On another note, there were quite a few Mustangs in the RWD class. Our photographer Dexter was slightly worried at the sight and called Daniel to tell him about some serious wild driving; luckily no crowd casualties were reported. We would not have these beautiful pictures otherwise.

Last but not the least, we have the race class and there are no surprises here as Salem grabbed first place in his Silvercar S2 with a time of 1.03.34, which was also the fastest time of the day. In second, we have Orwa who showed up with the unicorn of unicorns – A race spec Subaru GC8! The GC8 did not disappoint as it went around the cones in 1.05.46. The Silvercar ST2 driven by Mahamad finished third, its best time at 1.06.91.
Just as the trophies were being given out, a familiar feeling gripped the management and participants alike. A feeling where individuals were in high spirits, being able to contribute to another great season by Evolve. But at the same time, they were saddened. After all, their Fridays would now be spent doing regular Friday things – getting smashed at a brunch, grabbing bags at Carrefour, eating at a new restaurant and not liking the food, et cetera.

As we draw a curtain on this and get ready to turn up the air conditioner on full blast, I’d like to thank the entire team behind Evolve and all the participants with who, over the course of the last few months we have shared conversations, established friendly rivalries and above all – made memories. Chris should still buy a Honda, just saying.

See you lot in September!