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After an action packed round 1 of the series, the Middle East Drift Championship returned to the Qatar racing club yet again for round 2.

With an all new custom layout designed to really push the drivers to the drivers limits upsets would be
MEDC brought together the best drivers from across the region to create an action packed and unpredictable night of driving and skill keeping the crowds cheering all the way to the end of the event.

Qualification with the top 5 drivers was very close with them being separated by just 4 points showing the quick progression in driver skills across the region.

After taking P3 in Round 1 Abu Dhabi driver Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan was back for redemption. After making a few setup changes over the past few weeks in testing. He was at one with his LBN Nissan S14 V8 taking P1 with pin point precision driving which awarded him the best points P1 from the judges for Qualification.
Local Qatari driver Mohammad Al Khaiat in his MK Racing BMW 2 series was again at the top but taking P2 showing massive speed and commitment on his home circuit.
He was closely followed by the Monster Energy driver Dany Neville from Lebanon in 3rd and Ukrainian Monster Dmitriy Illyuk driver in 4th.

Winner of the round 1 event Mesyar Abushaibah would be having huge mechanical problems trying to keep his Drag 965/BMRC Nissan S14 in the points race as not to lose vital points.

With temperature reaching near 34 degrees at night both drivers and machines would suffer under the heat of the Qatar Racing club circuit.

2016 Qatar Drift Champion Ali Makhseed would lose to rising star Mohammad Al Khaiat, with the MK racing driver showing great speed and consistency. Ali one of the pre-season favourites would still be struggling to find the ideal setup after changing to his new 800HP Toyota GT86 platform for the year.

Dmitriy Illyuk would collide with round 1 winner Mesyar but over the two runs carry a significant advance sending him through to the final 4.

The final 4 yet again had some super close battles with Mohammad Al Khaiat facing off against Dany Neville who was revelling in a MK Racing Prepared BMW E46 with a fading clutch and a one more time, Mohammad would edge the win over the one more time and go into his second final in two events.
In the other semi Final multiple Eastern European Champion Dmitriy Illyuk would face off against a relative wildcard Emirati driver Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan.Ilyuk would chase hard while battling Al Nahyan , and close in making contact and forcing him into a spin. Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan would keep his composure complete the run and leg 2 taking the win and sending him to the final.
A classic final of the Unitied Arab Emirates Vs Qatar. Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan the P1 qualifier Vs the home favourite Mohammad Al Khaiat. Al Nahyan would yet again lay down a great example lead run showing great composure and experience showing his hunger for the win. In the second run Al Khaiat would push even further, but with a little too much entry speed would overshoot the corner putting him in the tire wall and gifting AL Nahyan the win. Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan – " I am really happy to achieve and bring home my first win. We will carry the momentum and defend the championship lead in Dubai this weekend." - KSN

LBN Team Mate – Dany Neville added "Khalifa's driving is the ultimate result of passion and determination combined with natural skill, his willingness to listen and learn is unmatched" -Dany Neville

The live broadcast of both Qualifying and the elimination battles where broadcasted live across Arab GT (Biggest Automotive publisher in the region) Top 10 news publisher. Viewership reached 2 Million fans across the region with 390,000 viewers tuning into the Live broadcast. Engagement was huge with over 45,000 fans liking sharing posting and commenting on the event online. A great demograph of 18-30 followed the event showing this is the millennial motorsport in the Middle East.

MEDC Round 2- Qatar Racing Club

1. Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan –UAE -Lunatic by Nature - Monster Energy
2. Mohammad Al Khaiat -Qatar -MK Racing Team
3. Dmitriy Illyuk –Ukraine - Monster Energy

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