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Yep, the weather is starting to cool down, which is great news for track enthusiasts like myself and so many of our followers. The Evolve Fun Speed Run Season is upon us, and it promises to be an absolute cracker. A total of 8 rounds have been scheduled, which is more than any previous season.
We’re also thrilled to announce that we have been chosen as the Official Media Partner for the Evolve.ae 2016/2017 Season. You can be assured of top coverage from our photographers, as well as a small round up of the day’s excitement.
For those not yet familiar with the format of the Evolve Fun Speed Runs, allow me to give a brief explanation. The events are held, either at the Dubai Autodrome Hill and Oval Circuit, or at Yas Vehicle Dynamic area. Whilst one is able to floor it on the straights and high speed bends at the Autodrome, cones are also placed on the circuit in various configurations, providing an AutoX element to each lap. This is of course extremely challenging, as it isn’t always speed and power that that wins you the trophy.
The Evolve organisers have their stopwatches on hand, so as to be able to provide the drivers with their lap times – allowing them to improve on their personal best with each consecutive run. For an inexperienced track individual such as myself, this is the most fun that anyone can have on a race track.
The first Round is set for 7 October at the Hill Circuit - Dubai Autodrome, with the first car on track scheduled for 1pm. Looking at the list of entries, it looks like it will be a battle of the GT86’s (and one BRZ) versus the S2000’s, BMW’s and Porsches in RWD class. Sideways action is definitely guaranteed.
We know of a few cars that have spent a little time receiving some upgrades in the off season, and are very eager to see how they perform on the track. Mo Sabra’s STI is just one of these cars – now boasting over 440WHP, he is sure to bring the action on the day. Craig’s TTRS has spent many months in the workshop receiving some secret loving – and we are sure that he is itching to show us what the Audi can do.

If you’ve never been to an Evolve event, come down to the track and watch the boys (and girls) go at it. Evolve Fun Speed Runs are thrilling, both for competitors and spectators alike. This is the third season that I am participating –as one of our friends mentioned, “once you’ve been bitten by the track bug, you will want to return every time”.

See you on 7 October at the Oval Circuit!

Photos by Robert Lintescu and words by Bradly Kingsley.