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We are very pleased to announce that CarCulture.ae will be taking part in the upcoming Emirates Motorsport Expo to be held at the Dubai Autodrome on Friday 2nd September 2016. This falls in line with our commitment in helping to develop public awareness and interest in the local motorsports scene.

Organised by the Dubai Autodrome in collaboration with the ATCUAE, and with the support of the Dubai Sports Council, the Emirates Motorsport Expo will bring together all forms of UAE motor sport - from circuit racing to cross country rallying for cars and bikes.

With around 30 exhibitors attending the Expo, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Various teams representing the major circuit racing series such as the NGK Racing Series, Formula 4, TRD 86 Cup, Clio Cup Class and UAE Superbikes will be in attendance. Not to mention UAE Rally, Autocross, Rallycross and Karting. The latter of course being the gateway motorsport for most young individuals looking to improve their skills on the racetrack.

The Expo will feature key note speakers from teams, drivers and ATCUAE officials, as well as a range of ‘Passenger Ride Experiences’ on the Autodrome circuit in various race and road cars.

The expo starts at 2:00pm on Friday 2nd September and runs until 6:00pm, with a track evening scheduled to follow directly afterwards.

Please check the Emirates Motorsport Expo website for more information on the event: www.emiratesmotorsportexpo.com

We look forward to seeing you there!