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Cars rocking the combination of wide-wheels, over fenders and air suspension are dime-a-dozen in today’s automotive scene. Imagine yourself casually walking through a sea of beautiful cars at a show. You will find classics restored to their former glory. Sporting metallic hues that drive you nuts! You will find monsters that make more horsepower than the calories you consume in a day. And somewhere among this lot, you will also find cars slammed to the ground. With tacked on fenders and wide wheels. Wheels so wide, their specs translate to ‘Oh my god!’ And I bet you a hundred quid, that 7/10 cars you will see are the latter.

So how do you stand out in a sea full of wide-bodies? Simply put, you either hack a car that nobody has hacked before (Liberty Walk Rolls Royce anyone?) Or, you kit your car with parts that nobody before you has done. Faisal here has done a little bit of both.

Automotives have been in Faisal’s bloodstream since childhood. I would not be surprised if the first word he ever spit out of his mouth was ‘car’. As he grew older, his passion led him to own and enjoy quite a few rides. This list includes names such as the Ford Focus, Honda Prelude, and the Chevy Corvette (C6). Faisal soon fell in love with going off-road and Jeeps in general. Soon enough, he was driving a Jeep Wrangler.

But alas, as history suggests, one always goes back to their roots. Although Faisal was now an off-road aficionado, he could never really get away from the charm of driving a sports car. What happens next is a no-brainer. Faisal was looking at a few options. And when a clean bone stock 370z roadster showed up in UAE, he simply had to have it. It was ‘love at first sight’ claims Faisal. The Z34 was quite fast, it looked alright and above all, it was a convertible. This was exactly, what he was after.
The car for the first few weeks was kept stock. A set of spacers all around to flush the wheels and a custom red leather interior were Faisal’s first few modifications. The wide-body ‘fever’ was taking over the automotive scene quite heavily at this point, where almost anything from a Scion TC to a prancing 458 Italia was being cut up and slammed. It was only a matter of days before Faisal was having sleepless nights. He was seriously considering a wide-body for his Z, but just didn’t know where to go. One fine day browsing, he came across a discounted Moonbeam kit on CarbonSignal’s Instagram page. A few calls and a shower later, Faisal was on his way to Dubai to drop the deposit.
The car was at the doorstep of CarbonSignal in a few weeks for the project to begin. Faisal was initially just going for the Moonbeam kit. However, one look at Jeff’s 370z that we featured earlier was enough to change his mind. Just like it’s coupe twin, this 370z features a complete CS Moonbeam kit, paired with their Raptor front and quad exhaust tips. The tips are in dry carbon finish, and give out what I call a very ‘akrapovy’ vibe. Finishing up the exterior is a custom duck bill spoiler. The spoiler was built from scratch at CarbonSignal, as per Faisals requirement. The custom touches continue to the interior where interior parts such as the Navi-Screen surround and the Media system trim piece have been carbonized, to match the carbon accents on the outside.

It was going to be air or nothing for Faisal, as driving a modified car in Oman isn't really something that you can do very easily. I have heard that the cops can go from zero to very mean in absolutely no time. Thats just as a fast a Mclaren P1, so hats off to them.

Something extraordinary was needed to fill those Moonbeam arches. The Platinum Forged wheels do quite the perfect job. The V-53's measure an astounding 20x10.5 -30 front and 20x12 -40 rear, finished in their 'Premium full-brushed brown' shade. The combination of grey, bronze and red has always stood the test of time, and in its current iteration on this Z, it is simply a class apart. (the minds behind carculture.ae are still trying to think of a better combination, btw)

Faisals Z here is special in its own right, since along with being the first 370z convertible to have an Airlift Performance suspension setup, it is also the world’s first Moonbeam roadster. We at carculture.ae simply couldn’t afford not to feature it! With the exterior and interior complete in Faisals eyes, the future modifications are all going to be performance related. We couldn’t agree more with Faisal. After all, if you look this mean, you need to have the bite to back it up!

Photos by Robert Lintescu words by Jackie Sobhani.