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What began a simple idea has seemingly started its march towards being something meaningful. Caffeine & Machine was initially stimulated by a Gentleman called Michael Marantz, who sat me down in a room about two years ago and asked me all sorts of searching questions regarding my personal desires in love and life. Michael at the time was filming a television commercial for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and for some strange reason, I had been cast to take part. After the interview and filming had finished, he reached out and forcefully suggested that what he’d liberated from my head had to happen. A few days later I had a plan and so it began.
From very humble beginnings, we started out with twenty or so quirky cars, great chats and a few coffees on a Friday morning which has subsequently and organically grown into what we see today; thanks to the support of some superb friends operating in the shadows, the stunning cultural diversity that exists in the UAE and of course, YOU - The people that join in, bring their machines along and help create the amazing fabric we find ourselves enjoying.

That leads us to this coming weekend; April 14th. I still can’t quite believe that the location we have been working on has worked out, however with the help of a core group of incredible people, from the internal team at DP World to District 31, CarCulture.ae and Beach Road Journal, it has.

So, Port Rashid, this Friday from 3pm-9pm, you will get to enjoy the next phase of Caffeine&Machine. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together for you.

See you there.