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The story behind Tariq’s 1975 Chevrolet Silverado C10 pickup is one which people from all around the world will be familiar with. It involves a deep friendship which started at last year’s Custom Show Emirates when Tariq met Mahmood Al Hashemi. Mahmood who had travelled all the way from Qatar, had brought along his bagged C10 to compete in the show.

Tariq ended up parking his Silverado next to Mahmood and this is what sparked Tariq’s interest into slamming his truck on bags. Bagging a classic car isn't easy. It takes a fair amount of work and a whole heap of knowledge, something Mahmood and his father have an abundance of, and most of which has been self-taught in their private GM workshop back in Qatar. The pair kept in contact after the show and this is where their friendship started to grow.

Tariq’s truck was originally rebuilt in California four years ago, hence its high level of restoration. The chrome plated features caught every reflection during an unusual gloomy day in Abu Dhabi. This thing turns heads where ever it goes, and whilst it was sat on its frame rails, Tariq was bombarded with questions from passersby.

It arrived in the UAE in June 2015 and stayed undercover until last year’s Custom Show Emirates. It features a 5.7 litre eight cylinder 350 engine, which puts out roughly 290HP. Tariq is only the fourth owner, hence why this C10 has been kept almost entirely in its original form.

So back to Mahmood, after a few months of discussions between the pair Tariq decided he needed to take his truck to the next level. With Mahmood’s guidance, all of the parts needed were ordered, and Tariq took his pride and joy to Qatar so Mahmood and his dad could set about getting its frame on the floor.

The suspension set up consists of a mixture of Ridetech, KP Suspension, Airbagit, Fox and Vari shocks components. As I mentioned earlier its not a case of just simply swiping out the original suspension and replacing it with a full bolt on solution. There is a certain amount of custom fabrication needed which Mahmood and his father took care of.

You can see where the term ‘laying frame’ comes, and the period sized tires really help to nail the stance.
My favourite part of this build is the raised bed in the rear of the truck. The air tank and manifold is actually hidden underneath it. Its always these small details which set the high level builds apart.

Throughout the build the pair’s friendship grew and as of today they are close friends. Both of their trucks not only stood side by side as this years Custom Emirates Show but both won awards. Who knows where they will go with their builds for next years show. All we know is that we cant wait too see. And if we hear of anything we will make sure to bring it to you here first on CarCulture.