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Carculture.ae was set up with the aim of promoting the local modified car and motorsports scene within the UAE. It’s not unusual for the UAE to be connected with supercars or un-tastefully modified luxury cars (who hasn’t seen a gold plated Lamborghini or pink range rover?!) but Carculture.ae was formed to expose some of the best modified/classic car builds.

Both the motorsports and modified car scene have grown significantly over the past few years. Carculture.ae is here to support the people that the larger local media companies may sometimes forget. You will find carculture.ae at some of the biggest and smallest shows throughout the region but we attend each event with the same common goal.

Carculture.ae started out as a hobby between three friends who knows where it will end, but Carulture.ae will always aim to support those for a passion for the modified car and motorsport scene.

Dan Price


Self-confessed petrol head originally from England but I have been living in the UAE for the past 7 and a half years.

Originally got into the modified cars through the ‘Stanced VW’ scene, but I’ve always had a huge soft spot for Japanese cars which is why my primary daily driver is now a Subaru BRZ. That said, I’d still be sooner rocking a MK1 GTI, on a tasty set of BBS RM’s as a daily.

My day job is loosely based around education but it gives me the time and space to work on CarCulure.ae projects.

I have a huge addiction to racing karts and I’m always up for challenge on the track in either the form of an endurance race or a sprint race.

“Find the limit and smash it!”

Robert Lintescu

Co Founder

As you know my name is Robert Lintescu but my friends call me Pea or Peas!

I'm from Romania, the land of Dracula and I've been living in Dubai for 2 years.

My full time job is a luxury real estate photographer but in my free time I go to events and shoot cars.

Cars are something new for me but every time when I meet a car enthusiast I learn so many things.

The people i meet love their cars as much as i love photography and it's a good combination.
You can see it in my work.

"I just don't take pictures... I create memories!"

Jackie Sobhani

Contributor - Writer

I am an automotive enthusiast who has a day job in recruitment to pay for my obsession. An obsession which began with a simple purchase of a Hotwheels 3-pack when I was little.

Born and brought up in the UAE, I have had the pleasure of interacting with petrol-heads from different walks of life and witnessing the growth of the automotive scene to where it stands today.

I have been diagnosed with a serious case of 'febbre auto', symptoms include spending time online watching Car Throttle, Motor Trend, Mighty Car Mods, Chris Harris & Top Gear videos. This is coupled with talking excessively about cars, breathing heavily when coming across any 90's Japanese sports car and day dreaming about owning a garage with no less than 10 cars.

In addition to contributing to carculture.ae, I am a part of the management team at GTZ Motor Club, The official Nissan Sports Car Club of UAE.

"They say if you don't look back at your car after you park it, you've bought the wrong car. I look at my Nissan 350Z all the damn time, I might have a neck problem now.."

Rohan Ganapathy

Contributor - Photographer

I am a Product Engineer by profession. I work for a US Based mapping company. It allows me to work with a lot of aerial and satellite imagery. My work ignited my passion for photography and that is what I do when I'm off work. Fast moving cars thrills me. Not on a highway of course, but on a racetrack! This led me into Marshaling Formula 1 races, where every bit of it is thrilling.

Coming here I have discovered there is a lot more to motor-sport than just Formula 1. Custom cars, modifications, drift events, local racing etc, I wanted to be a part of it and get more involved and photography lets me do that. The combination of motor-sport and photography is an addictive passion and I love it.

"I look, I photograph and then I look for more!!!"

Dexter John

Contributor - Photographer

Born in the Philippines and spent half of my life in Dubai.

When I got old enough to drive I bought my first tuner car, the 350Z and took her straight to the track. From there on, my interest in car modifications turn into addiction. I met a lot of good people through car culture scene here in UAE there is never a dull moment in car-related events I've been into.

While my journey as a car guy continues, I often express my passion through photography. It is always satisfying every time I manage to capture that perfect angle at the perfect timing.

Currently driving an STI now and I wish to complete the build and take her to the track... Because everyone knows the feeling when you are behind the wheel - you and your car, ready to explore the limits.


Paul Aggarao

Contributor - Photographer

Photographer, Videographer (by trade) and Car enthusiast.

1 wife, 2 babies (2nd on its way)... and 1 mistress, my "GT86 Rocket bunny v2 Turbo".

Art, stills and film junkie.

"Never stop learning. We are forever students to what we crave to learn."

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